2011 Subaru WRX Caliper Covers

    • MGP® - Caliper Covers with MGP Engraving
      Subaru WRX / WRX Limited / WRX Premium 2011, Full Set (4) Caliper Covers with MGP Engraving by MGP®. Fits Models with 17" wheels diameter and larger. Upgrade the appearance of your calipers, reduce their operating temperature, and reduce the...
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    • RimPro-Tec® - Wheel Bands™
      Universal Wheel Bands™ by RimPro-Tec®. This kit fit 13" to 22" OEM and after-market rims or wheels that have a 1/4" flat outer lip (total length is 27.4'). As wheel refurbishment leaves your vehicle out of use for days and costs a small...
      Our price: $101.97$101.97
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    • RimPro-Tec® - Wheel Bands™ Replacement Insert
      Universal Insert for Wheel Bands™ by RimPro-Tec®. Available in your choice of color, this insert can be used to replace a damaged insert or to give your car a different look. The product matches wheels from 13" to 22" and is made of...
      Our price: $29.87$29.87
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    Customer Reviews
    2011 Subaru WRX
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    "Easy to install and look great. Clips for the rear calipers did not fit snugly so the calipers moved. Tech assistance was very helpful and sent another set of clips that fit beautifully. Bit of a hassle but given the variety of cars, understandable. Again, they look great and took maybe 2 minutes to install once the wheel was off. Several people have asked about them and my son-in-law is purchasing a set for his Audi. A bit pricy but given the quality, I would not hesitate. I will buy them for my next car for certain. "