2010 Subaru WRX Turbochargers & Superchargers

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      Subaru WRX 2010, Turbo Outlet Gasket by Ishino®. Note: Turbo To Turbo Outlet Pipe.Is your vehicle feeling down on power? Do you see dark puddles on the ground when you park? Is your CHECK ENGINE light on? Your engine may be in need...
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      $2,695.00from $2,156.00 - $3,030.00
      Universal C-Type Rotrex™ Supercharger by Kraftwerks®. Includes C-type Rotrex™ Supercharger Head Unit, Magnetic Oil Filter, Oil Lines, Clamps, Oil Reservoir, and 1 Liter of SX 150 Oil. Give your engine more power with Rotrex™...
      Based on advanced traction drive technologyProvide engine with more oxygen resulting in power increase
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      $120.00from $96.00 - $120.00
      Supercharger Pulley by Kraftwerks®. Use Kraftwerks® and Rotrex™ pulleys to increase your car performance making your Rotrex supercharger work more efficiently by providing pressure boost. Available in various, standard sizes to...
      Provide an increase in efficiency and performanceSpin the supercharger to ensure the boost of pressure
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      Universal Rotrex™ SX150 Traction Fluid by Kraftwerks®. Volume: 1L, change at approx. 50k miles. Ensure long service of your supercharger system with Rotrex Traction Oil. It will maintain your supercharger and your engine properly...
      Ensures proper running of your supercharger and your engineNo failures with proper maintenance schedule
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