2010 Infiniti EX Performance Chips

    • BULLY DOG® - Triple Dog GT Tuner
      Infiniti EX35 V6 3.5L Gas 2010, Triple Dog GT Tuner by Bully Dog®. Triple Dog Gauge Tuner for gasoline-powered engines. Loads alternative engine tunes, monitors engine parameters, coaches fuel-efficient driving. Read and erase Diagnostic Trouble...
      Our price: $10.52 - $499.80$10.52 20% OFF
    • BULLY DOG® - WatchDog™ Monitor
      Infiniti EX35 V6 3.5L Gas 2010, WatchDog™ Monitor by Bully Dog®. Monitor multiple vehicle parameters. Plugs into OBD-II port for easy installation. Mount permanently or suction cup to windshield. Great for tuning or towing. Tracks vehicle...
      Our price: $299.99$299.99 20% OFF
    • JET® - Computer Chip Programmer
      Infiniti EX 2010, Computer Chip Programmer by JET®. V-Force Plus.
      Our price: $262.46$262.46 20% OFF
    • JET® - Computer Chip
      Infiniti EX 2010, Computer Chip by JET®. Computer Upgrade Kit.
      Our price: $299.25$299.25 20% OFF

    Customer Reviews
    2006 Chevy Silverado
    Posted by

    "The ease of installation was better than what I had anticipated. The programmer housing was an exact match to my dashboard, and the appearance of the unit looked factory installed. I have only had the programmer for a short while, but enjoy the fuel savings already."

    2011 GMC Sierra
    Posted by

    "Installed in my 2011 Sierra with the custom dash mount, took about 20 min to get everything in and working. Very easy to install and looks great! Several custom tunes to choose from on the device, or go to Edge website and download others."

    2010 Dodge Ram
    Posted by

    "First got the Diablo in Tune... it updated very slowly... I mean slow! Then plugged it into the truck and couldn't read my PCM... But I got it working and...very impressed! The Hemi is a mean machine! "

    2003 Dodge Ram
    Posted by

    "It got to my house quick; was easy to install, and allows for speedometer adjustment for tires! I had to read my speedo 10 miles faster than what it said before! Not anymore!"

    2004 Dodge Ram
    Posted by

    "The tuner wad easy to install but didn't make that big of a difference, a little horse power but nothing for fuel mileage so far."