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2009 Subaru WRX
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Subaru WRX Base 2009-2010, Max Energy Sport Programmer by HYPERTECH®. Premium Fuel: HP Gain 26, TQ Gain 28. This programmer is geared for enhancing everything related to gasoline engine performance. It’s packed with tuning applications geared specifically for super unleaded gasoline, regular unleaded gasoline, turbochargers, superchargers, and even Honda V-TEC engines. Designed utilizing the latest technology, this programmer also offers a host of innovative features listed below. Control of cooling fan kick-on temperature. Factory rev limiter. Top vehicle speed adjustment. Cold air intake tuning. No. Engine Idle RPM adjustment. You’ll be able to read diagnostic trouble codes and clear them. CARB E.O.: D-260-13.

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  • For gasoline engines only
  • Read, display, and clear diagnostic trouble codes and check engine lights
  • Manually adjust limits for top vehicle speed and engine rpms
  • On Honda and Acura V-TEC engines, adjusts rpm speed when more aggressive cam profile engages to increase power at lower rpms
  • Has separate power program to enhance performance of vehicles rated to run on regular unleaded gasoline
  • Internet updatable when new programming software is released
  • Limited lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • Proudly manufactured in the United States

The Max Energy Sport Programmer hand-held tuners from Hypertech® is designed to help your vehicle perform better on the street and on the track. The Max Energy Sport has been calibrated by engineers after analyzing data from their most effective racetrack times and drag strip runs. Simply put, spark timing, throttle response, and fuel delivery have all been optimized for the power and torque you’ll need to go faster. If that’s not enough, you can adjust or remove factory restrictions for engine rpm speed, and total overall vehicle speed. And if you own a V-TEC powered Honda or Acura, you’ll really notice a difference with the Max Energy Sport. The Sport tuner allows adjustment to the rpm speed when the additional camshaft followers engage their more aggressive cam profile. Engine airflow increases, and power and torque will jump to ballistic levels at low rpm ranges. For vehicles originally designed to run on lower octane regular gasoline, a performance enhancing algorithm is created for running on regular octane.

The Max Energy Sport unit comes with a USB cable and CD for initial installation on your computer. After the Sport is prepped by your PC, it hooks up to any vehicle’s OBD II port. Your vehicle’s factory engine control software is read and stored, then the Sport uploads new customized software to your engine control unit. Should you need to leave your car at the dealership, it’s easy to return your ECU to factory programming settings. If new software tunes for your specific vehicle are introduced in the future, they can easily be downloaded from Hypertech’s internet site at any point. This product is backed with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

Brand: Hypertech       Part Number: 62007       UPC: 759609047663 This part is compatible with 8 vehicle(s)
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Since its founding in 1985 in Tennessee, Hypertech® has been an industry leader in engine power enhancement through the use of software enhancements. In 1986, Hypertech created the original "power chip" which physically replaced factory stock engine control computers and increased horsepower and torque through remapping of computer-controlled fuel injection and ignition timing. As computer controls spread to other vehicle systems such as transmissions, throttle bodies, and variable-valve timing over the years, Hypertech was instrumental in software development that maximized the benefits of each of those systems to push the envelope of performance and fuel economy. In 1994, Hypertech was instrumental in creating the Power Programmer application which made it possible to download software enhancements into an existing ECU, which eliminated the need for replacement chips. Hypertech continues to lead the way today, and CARiD is proud to sell their range of innovative tuners that offer features competitors haven’t even thought of yet.

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