2009 Nissan Sentra Shocks and Struts

    • Monroe®OESpectrum™ Shocks and Struts
      $62.90from $50.32
      Nissan Sentra Base / S / SL / SR 2009, OESpectrum™ Shocks and Struts by Monroe®. 1 per Pack. These shocks and struts are engineered for foreign nameplate vehicles to enhance the performance of their suspension systems. Monroe...
      Provide unprecedented handling precision and controlNitrogen gas charged
      # 36084229
    • KYB®Excel-G™ Series Shocks and Struts
      $65.48from $52.38
      Nissan Sentra Base / S / SL / SR 2009, Excel-G™ Series Shocks and Struts by KYB®. Restore your vehicle's original performance for normal driving conditions with the Excel-G twin-tube gas hydraulic shocks and struts that offer...
      Designed to restore original handling and controlCalibrated to compensate for age and miles driven
      # 17812881
    • Unity®Bare Struts
      Nissan Sentra Base / Custom / Elite / Emotion / Luxury / Premium / S / SE-R Spec V / SL / SR 2009, Bare Struts by Unity®. Complimenting our line of complete strut assemblies to offer full suspension solutions for the entire vehicle.
      Offering now over 300 SKU’s covering over 3000 applicationsCovering ALL of the premium movers
      # 35905927
    • Rugged Ridge®Shock Boot
      Universal Shock Boot by Rugged Ridge®. The Jeep is the original high performance off-road machine, built to perform under the most grueling conditions. But even though it's a capable machine right from the factory, performance...
      Engineered and trail tested exclusively for JeepsOver 3000 products
      # 6894402