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    • Pure® Factory Style Top Mount Rear Spoiler with Light
      (0 reviews)
      # 942157
      Toyota Sequoia 2008, Factory Style Top Mount Rear Spoiler with Light by Pure®. Now you can put the same spoiler that came on the factory performance model on your ride. This factory style spoiler emulates the original equipment...
      Factory high performance style for lessMade from ABS plastic
      $125.25 - $250.50
    • T5i® Factory Style Rear Roofline Spoiler with Light
      (0 reviews)
      # 25998875
      Toyota Sequoia 2008, Factory Style Rear Roofline Spoiler with Light by T5i®. When you want to add just a touch of high performance style, nothing beats a roofline spoiler. A roofline spoiler adds the look of speed without...
      Factory style and quality for lessMade from ABS plastic
      $98.53 - $148.63
    • Remin® Custom Style Rear Spoiler with Light
      (0 reviews)
      # 494654
      Toyota Sequoia 2008, Custom Style Rear Spoiler with Light by Remin®. Give the back of your car a more dynamic look with this Custom Rear Spoiler. Its distinctive shape will set your car apart from similar models and at the same...
      $108.55 - $158.65
    • RI® Factory Style Rear Spoiler with Light
      (0 reviews)
      # 72426695
      Toyota Sequoia 2008, Factory Style Rear Spoiler with Light by RI®. Give your car an appearance upgrade with the Factory Style Rear Spoiler with Light. Give your car a vibrant, dynamic look with this rear spoiler. This spoiler is...
      Factory designMade from high quality materials
    • Cusco® GT Wing
      (0 reviews)
      # mpn458148794
      Universal GT Wing by Cusco®.

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    2008 Toyota Sequoia Spoilers Reviews

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    Sequoia spoiler
    2008 Toyota Sequoia / Posted by Robert (Union, KY) /

    Installed this on my SR5 Sequoia. Ordered the black painted version (202 paint code), paint quality and finish was perfect. Installation takes some guts, guts to drill holes in you5 $50,000 baby that is. Installation notes: 1) Use a friend to help you position and check your alignment. Check it twice, no check it three times, you're drilling holes! 2) Holes to be drilled are determined by inserting long plastic straps into the mounting holes on the spoiler, positioning the spoiler on the tailgate and then taping the straps to the body. Remove the spoiler and the straps stay on the body as a drilling guide. They could be longer for the two end holes but they do work. 3) The positioning straps included are a little too large for the pre-drilled holes. Use a knife and whittle down the OD so they slip off easy after taping into position on the tailgate. If they move, you'll drill in the wrong location. They worked for me but I spent a lot of time making sure I was perfect. 4) Buy some primer to dress the drilled holes to prevent rusting. Let dry! before attaching or your screws will mess up the coating. 5) The two outer holes line up perfect with the factory access hole locations. Just remove the rubber plugs and access. 6) The two center holes require you to pull the upper garnish off and drill some rather large access holes. These have to be a large OD to allow your nutdriver to fit in. 7) Stop lamp - I drilled a fifth hole for the wire harness but you could remove the existing HMSL. 8) Wiring - no fittings are included. I pulled the plug on the factory HMSL and then bought Scotch suitcase (IDC) connectors to splice into the brake light wiring. 9) On the Sequoia be careful, the TMPS antenna and ECU wires are in the same bundle as the brake light. Be sure of what wires you're splicing / cutting or tap into! 10) I applied RTV from the inside to cover the screws and wire harness hole to ensure no leaks and lock the screws in place. End Result: Can't tell the difference from the factory spoilers. Looks perfect.

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