2008 Honda Ridgeline Fenders

    • Replace® - Fender
      Honda Ridgeline 2008, Fender by Replace®. Fenders can suffer from collision damage, rust, and dings and dents from stones and shopping carts. At the extreme such damage may make your vehicle undriveable or at the very least unsightly. A new...
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    • Replace® - Fender Liner
      Honda Ridgeline 2008, Fender Liner by Replace®. Inner Fender Liners keep road debris from inside the engine compartment. These usually unseen panels can be damaged in a front end collision, but they're also susceptible to rust damage from years...
      Our price: $32.75$32.75
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    Customer Reviews
    2005 Honda Civic Si
    Posted by

    "Badly damaged the right front fender of my 2002 Honda Civic SI. Dealer wanted $250 for a replacement fender; this one was under $60. I had it installed yesterday and it fit perfectly. So far, as I can tell, the quality is no different than the stock fender. The service reps for this company are really outstanding. They will answer emails after the initial telephone call, and are truly professional. Couldn't be happier."

    In 2008 Honda Ridgeline was available in the following models:
    EX-L • LX • RT • RTL • RTS • RTX