EDGE® 85200 - Evolution CTS Programmer

2008 GMC Sierra
EDGE® - Evolution CTS ProgrammerEDGE® - Evolution CTS ProgrammerEDGE® - Evolution CTS ProgrammerEDGE® - Evolution CTS ProgrammerEDGE® - Evolution CTS Programmer ManualEdge Authorized DealerEdge Special Offers
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GMC Sierra Diesel 6 Engine VIN code LMM Engine 2008, Evolution CTS Programmer (85200) by EDGE®. Providing the ultimate level of vehicle instrumentation along with 4 levels of performance enhancement, the CTS programmer plugs in to any OBD II compatible vehicle port. Fault codes and check engine lights can be diagnosed and cleared. A variety of add-on cables and sensors are available to install to provide any temperature or pressure readings your vehicle’s ECU does not. Designed specifically for diesel engines.

Notes: Not legal for on-street use in the state of California

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  • Offers performance-enhancing software revisions designed specifically for fuel economy, towing, semi-aggressive performance, and aggressive performance
  • Features full width 4.3-inch color for display and touch-screen controls
  • Specifically designed for diesel-powered vehicles
  • Add-on cables and sensors are available for monitoring of turbo boost pressure and fluid temperatures if your vehicle is not equipped to read them
  • Provides detailed diagnostics and clearing of all check engine light faults and real-time monitoring of trouble codes
  • Offers a "Track measuring" function which automatically records speeds and times for quarter-mile and zero-to-sixty runs
  • Hooks up to the internet via your computer to download software updates, new features, and custom designs for instrumentation display
  • Built-in video input jack allows use with available backup camera, dvd player, camcorder, or any video input
  • With Turbo Timer kit, will automatically keep engine running until temperatures cool down after driving to avoid premature turbo wear and failure
  • Mounts to driver’s side of windshield with necessary suction cups included
  • Built-in light sensor automatically adjusts screen brightness based on ambient light conditions
  • Audio alerts sound when any pre-selected conditions occur, or if any unsafe engine running conditions should develop
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Proudly manufactured in the United States

If you want a high level of engine gauge readouts along with diagnostic capacity AND the ability to reprogram factory performance settings for your diesel-powered vehicle, the Evolution CTS offers everything you could wish for in a tuner. These hand-held units plug into the diagnostic port of any OBD-II compatible vehicle to provide you with a staggering array of information your ECU tracks but may not display. For example, battery voltage, engine speed, coolant temperature, fuel pressure readings, air intake temperature, transmission temperature as well as all other standard instrumentation are available at your fingertips. If your vehicle’s main computer is not originally designed to provide all the information you want, additional cables and input jacks are available that can be installed anywhere you choose for read boost pressure, any fluid temperature, air temperature, and more. Instrumentation of your choice can be displayed on the CTS screen via three analog gauges, or by digital readouts accordingly sized to fit anywhere from 2 to 8 readouts of your choice. The programmer hooks up to the internet through your computer to download custom instrumentation designs, new software updates, or any features that become available in the future. The days of using cumbersome and expensive analog gauges for custom read outs are over!

When you want to get the most out of your vehicle’s natural abilities without putting undo stress on powertrain or running gear, the Evolution CTS delivers. Four levels of software remapping enhancements are available. Level 1 for Fuel Economy adjusts throttle response, engine timing, transmission shift points, and fuel delivery to deliver higher-than-factory mpg levels. Using this setting for daily driving will probably save you enough money to pay for this controller many times over. Level 2 is for Towing, and adjusts parameters to provide power where it is needed most to move a load without overstressing the transmission with excess power. Level 3 is Performance, and brings semi-aggressive levels of tuning to extract substantial power from your vehicle without sacrificing drivability or durability. Level 4 is Extreme, and applies full aggressive levels of tuning for the highest level of performance possible without excess stress on vehicle powertrain components.

If you want scientific readouts of zero-to-sixty and quarter mile speeds and times the way car magazines obtain them, the Evolution CTS offers that ability. After red, yellow, and green colors flash on the screen racetrack style, the monitor begins recording all speed and distance information directly from your vehicle - then provides it in a timed graph readout when the run is over. And if you have any pre-existing check engine conditions, your programmer will tell you what fault codes triggered your warning light, record them, then clear all problem codes if you choose. This provides you with dealership knowledge without the time and money a trip to the dealer costs. A built-in video input jack on the Insight CTS allows the monitor to serve as a backup monitor when any additional camera is installed, or as a DVD player.

Brand: Edge       Part Number: 85200       UPC: 810115010579 This part is compatible with 102 vehicle(s)
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Headquartered in Odgen, Utah, Edge Products was founded in 1999 by engineers that specialized in performance electronics for diesel trucks. Earning a reputation for reliability and proven performance among users, Edge Products greatly expanded their customer base worldwide and has been named three times to Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest growing companies. Edge currently offers a variety of OBD II compatible modules, programmers, and monitors for gasoline- and diesel-specific applications. Today, Edge is a subsidiary of the MSD Performance Company, and the resulting affiliation with MSD Ignition, Superchips, and Racepak parts has led to unparalleled engineering expertise, advanced product features, and quality construction techniques. Edge currently has over 100 employees and occupies a 40,000 square foot facility.

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