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2008 Buick Lacrosse
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Superchips Performance Chips

Buick Lacrosse Super 2008, Cortex Programmer by Superchips®. This hand-held diagnostic programmer connects with any OBD II compatible diesel or gasoline vehicle to adjust levels of horsepower and torque best suited to racing, towing, fuel economy, or all-terrain use. Also reads and clears diagnostic trouble codes.

Notes: Pre-Programmed.


  • Links to any make and model vehicle engine controller to increase horsepower and torque for maximum track, towing, or off-road performance
  • Offers setting for maximum fuel economy to increase mileage
  • Allows customizing operation of air/fuel ratio, fuel injector flow rates, spark timing, throttle sensitivity, and automatic transmission shift points
  • Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes on all vehicles
  • Adjust factory limits for vehicle speed and RPMs
  • Allows recalibration of speedometer for larger tire sizes
  • Allows engine cooling fan on/off operation on vehicles with electronic fan control
  • Upgradable to handle multiple GM or Ford VIN numbers
  • Industry-exclusive 2-year powertrain warranty for your vehicle comes with every product at no additional cost
  • 1-year manufacturer product warranty
  • Proudly manufactured in the United States

Note: The Multi-VIN feature is available at extra cost through Superchips internet update store, and may not cover all make and model applications.

The Superchips Cortex Programmer offers premiere levels of performance enhancement and diagnostic ability in a convenient hand-held size. By varying your vehicle’s factory settings for fuel/air mixture, timing, fuel injector flow, throttle responsiveness, and automatic transmission shift points, the Cortex can increase horsepower for speed, torque for towing conditions, or adjust all parameters for maximum fuel economy. Unlike many performance controllers that only add power under wide open throttle positions, Superchips thoroughly maps and delivers desired improvements throughout your vehicle’s entire engine rpm range while maintaining legal emissions levels in all 50 states. Transmission shift points can also be revised to shift at higher or lower rpms, or they can be controlled manually by you. If your transmission is more advanced and provides varying levels of shift firmness, the Cortex can adjust those as well. Diagnostic trouble codes for any vehicle system can be retrieved, stored, and cleared whether your check engine light is on or off.

The Cortex Programmer is also equipped to recalibrate your speedometer for larger tire sizes, change the factory setting that limits your vehicle’s top speed, and adjust rpm speed to whatever you choose. A programming download is available through Superchips at extra cost if you wish to use your Cortex on more than one vehicle. Superchips is so confident that the Cortex will improve your vehicle’s performance with no harm to any mechanical systems, they back it with a 2-year warranty for your vehicle’s powertrain. The Cortex unit itself features a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Founded in the United Kingdom as P.J. Detection Techniques in 1977, Superchips was originally involved in racing and became one of the first tuner companies to gain in-depth expertise on modifying engines equipped with electronic fuel injection systems. As engineering expertise grew on a variety of fuel systems and engine types, the company first debuted a line of power-enhancing performance products to the consumer market in England, then worldwide. After changing their name to Superchips in 1991, the company established itself in the United States a year later. The company grew to specialize in hand-held programmers and today remains on the cutting edge of turning modern computer-controlled vehicle functions into creative tuning applications. In 2005, Superchips was acquired by MSD Performance and became affiliated with MSD Ignition, Edge Products and Racepak parts. Today, Superchips USA is based out of Sanford, Florida and performs all production in the United States.

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Superchips® - Cortex Programmer
Superchips® - Cortex Programmer
Average Rating: 4.8 of 5
4.8 of 5
2007 Chevy Avalanche / Posted by (Usaf Academy, CO) /

I notice increased horsepower and I'm happy with the way my truck performs. However, it also requires higher octane fuel when using the Superchip settings; so you end up spending more to fill up. I also wonder how much of the pickup is related to the higher fuel grade. As long as you don't care about paying more for gas; its a good product.

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4.5 of 5
2009 Chevy Tahoe / Posted by (Pittsfield, MA) /

Thank you for making my 2009 Tahoe a pleasure to drive, I installed new programmed specs in less than five minutes, very easy, i have the six speed trainy, it would always up shift and rpm's would be too low, dog, new program solved the problem, it dose not up shift as much and rpm's are a little higher, throttle more responsive. I installed pre programmed settings that came on the programmer, I have been driving my truck for a month now, very satisfied.

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4.8 of 5
2011 Chevy Silverado / Posted by (Port Reading, NJ) /

Nice and easy use. Just plug it in and choose your program. After registering online and updating I plugged it in to my truck and had a new program in 5 minutes. I had aftermarket wheels and tires as well as a leveling kit. I was able to plug in the tire size and now the shift points have been corrected. The truck runs smoother and faster, and I'm not using as much fuel as I was. Worked great for me!

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4.8 of 5
2001 Chevy Silverado / Posted by (Willis, TX) /

I can't figure out the mileage mode to get the best gas mileage out of this chip but other than that the chip is amazing, I have a 01 silverado 1500 5.3L v8 and I'm pushing 328 hp, I don't know what it was before. But you can definitely feel the difference!

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5 of 5
2008 GMC Yukon Denali / Posted by (Alexandria, VA) /

Easy to use OBDII tool, allows both reading and clearing trouble codes. Be careful MAC users, you will need a PC to download the software for "tuning" the engine using the downloadable tuning options. Once the downloads are on the Cortex, then the need for a PC is not longer. Quick and easy to use, right out of the box.

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4.8 of 5
2006 Chevy Avalanche / Posted by (Liberty Mills, IN) /

Love the slim look and the readout is great the best thing that I could do to my truck!

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4 of 5
2004 GMC Sierra / Posted by (Carievale, SK) /

Good product so far, only problem was trying to tune my truck. I thought it wouldn't work for my vehicle because it said vehicle did not respond so I phoned Superchips and they gave me a list of fuses to unplug and it worked.

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2012 Chevy Camaro / Posted by (Batesville, MS) /

When I programmed my car with the programmer, I could tell a big difference when I drove my car, stopped, and mashed my acceleration. I am very happy with the difference it makes from the factory acceleration.

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2012 Chevy Silverado / Posted by (Silver City, NM) /

I had no problems installing Superchips. I have seen a marked improvement in my gas mileage around town and have not been out on the road to check its performance in that situation. I'm very pleased with the product as of now. Jeff Glenn

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5 of 5
2012 Chevy Silverado / Posted by (Omaha, NE) /

Perfect, love it!

Was this review helpful for you? Yes6   people found this review helpful.
Superchips® - Cortex ProgrammerSuperchips® - Cortex Programmer    
510 reviews
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