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2007 Subaru WRX
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2007 Subaru WRX
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Subaru WRX 2007, 1" Spark Plug by E3®, 1 Piece. With Gasket Seat. Thread Size: 14 mm. Hex Size: 5/8". If you need a replacement for your damaged spark plug, this is the part you should have. Featuring unique DiamondFire technology, these are sure to burn more of the available fuel, resulting in improved combustion efficiency.

Fitment Notes: You need 4 spark plugs for your vehicle. Please specify quantity in the cart.

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  • Advanced DiamondFire electrode design
  • Produces a faster burn
  • Ensures more power
  • Improves fuel efficiency
  • Reduces toxic emissions
  • Provides longer engine life
  • Made of strong materials to last
  • Backed by a 5-year, 100,000-mile warranty
E3 Spark Plugs

Spark plugs have a significant task to perform in your engine. They produce an electrical spark that ignites the air/fuel mixture in the engine's combustion chambers to generate power required for your vehicle to run. With non-functioning or poorly working spark plugs, the engine may run badly or not operate at all. That is why keeping these components in pristine condition is good maintenance for your precious car. But if your spark plug did decide to give up the ghost, you don't need to worry. CARiD offers a perfect, cost-effective replacement for your defective unit. Spark plugs made by E3 are not like standard pieces, they feature a completely new electrode design.

If you’ve ever been frustrated with the engine quitting out on the highway or up a hill, you probably had your spark plug(s) fouling. Unfortunately, it is not a rare occurrence because in the last 100 years, the only significant advance in spark plug technology was the addition of special metals to extend the life of the part. Other than that, nothing has changed, and the standard J-wire electrode with its limited edge surface area is still used in most plugs today. The DiamondFire design of the E3 spark plugs provides extended life without utilizing special metals, because the shape of the electrode ensures more spark surface area and less overall wear.

The revolutionary design allows for forced edge-to-edge spark discharges, which are proven to be the most efficient way to get a spark to leave the surface. That is why the E3 spark plugs offer a faster forming and stronger flame kernel, and thus more complete fuel combustion. The result is a cleaner engine, more power, increased fuel efficiency, and reduced emissions. By the way, when it comes to cutting toxic emissions, the E3 spark plugs are second to none as well. After extensive testing, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) reported that E3's "technology offered clear advantages in HC and CO emissions control (both contribute to smog and ozone depletion)." What else do you need to know except the fact that the E3 spark plugs are a great investment for your wallet, for your engine, and even for your planet?

Brand: E3       Part Number: E3.68 This part is compatible with 620 vehicle(s)
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Serious automotive firepower starts with a spark. E3 can help your vehicle become a real fire-breathing beast with its great spark plugs. Energy. Efficiency. Ecology. These are three aspects the company takes into consideration while creating their high performance parts. Developed and validated by top scientists from leading engineering universities, E3's patented Edge-to-Edge technology provides you optimum performance with significantly increased combustion efficiency. The plugs are also made with the environmental wellness in mind; they limit greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the amount of unburned fuel.

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