2007 Honda Element Starters

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    • Bosch® Remanufactured Starter
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      # 35690095
      Honda Element 2007, Remanufactured Starter by Bosch®. When your starter is no longer good and can't turn your engine over, go with a quality Bosch replacement starter that is remanufactured with more new parts and performance...
      100% exhaustive multipoint quality and performance testingEnsures cranking and starting performance under extreme temperatures
    • Quality-Built® Remanufactured Starter
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      # 9410685
      Honda Element with Flange Mounting with Mitsuba Starter 2007, Remanufactured Starter by Quality-Built®. 12V, with 9-Tooth Pinion Gear, Permanent Magnet Gear Reduction, 1.6 kW, Clockwise Rotation, 6 lbs. Get professional installer...
      Designed specifically for the high demands of professional installersSelect components and advanced manufacturing techniques provide unparalleled performance and reliability
    • Remy® Remanufactured Starter
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      # 63432980
      Honda Element 2007, Remanufactured Starter by Remy®. The starters by Remy feature the most compact design in the industry. These components are smaller and lighter providing less friction, better reliability, and greater...
      Features the most compact design on the marketEnsures less friction and excellent performance
    • Taylor Cable® Distributor Cover
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      # 9786842
      Universal Distributor Cover by Taylor Cable®. Keep excess heat from the headers from baking your starter motor with Starter Heat Shield. 180° headers are the worst, overheating your starter and preventing your car from cranking...
      Easy installVelcro fasteners
      $36.57 - $49.92

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