2006 Subaru WRX Master Cylinders

    • Dorman®Brake Master Cylinder
      Subaru WRX / WRX Limited Automatic Transmission 2006, Brake Master Cylinder With 2 Outlets by Dorman®. Bore Diameter: 1"; Forward Outlet Size: M10x1.0; Rearward Outlet Size: M10x1.0; without Installation Hardware; With Reservoir;...
      Cylinder housing is constructed from high-quality cast iron or aluminum for long-lasting durabilityAll rubber components are of high-quality EPDM compound for resistance to glycol-based brake fluid
      # 34865438
    • Genuine®Brake Master Cylinder
      Subaru WRX Limited / WRX STI / WRX TR 2006, Brake Master Cylinder by Genuine®. Are your brakes making noise? Is your vehicle’s stopping power not what it used to be? Brake repairs are not something that can be put off, but before...
      # 8790285