2006 Subaru WRX Performance Chips

    • AEM® - Series 2 Plug & Play Engine Management System
      Subaru WRX STI 2006, Series 2 Plug & Play Engine Management System by AEM®. Get complete control of your car’s engine and driveline using the vehicle’s factory wiring and sensors with the Series 2 Plug and Play Engine Management System. It...
      Our price: $1,837.84$1,837.84 20% OFF
    • AEM® - ECU Extension / Patch Harness
      Subaru WRX 2006, ECU Extension / Patch Harness by AEM®. This harness will allow you to connect ancillary electronic devices like turbo timers and data loggers into the engine management system without having to cut and splice into your factory...
      Our price: $187.32$187.32 20% OFF
    • JET® - Computer Chip
      Subaru WRX 2006, Computer Chip by JET®. Computer Upgrade Kit. The JET Performance Import Computer Upgrade Package is the solution to performance tuning import and domestic sport compact vehicles. Import computers do not have computer chips that...
      Our price: $299.25$299.25 20% OFF

    Customer Reviews
    2012 Chevy Silverado
    Posted by

    "I had no problems installing Superchips. I have seen a marked improvement in my gas mileage around town and have not been out on the road to check its performance in that situation. I'm very pleased with the product as of now. Jeff Glenn"

    2009 Chrysler 300
    Posted by

    "All in all, the Superchip's Vivid Linq is good but limited on choices for programming. I really like the Bluetooth feature as I have a Galaxy Note II (huge screen). Even though you can use any Android device i.e. tablets, I just didn't like the limitations on the parameters for adjustments. Nice set up just not enough for me to keep it..."

    1999 Dodge Ram
    Posted by

    "I recently got the Edge Evolution and I enjoy it a lot, it's really got for showing Gauges. If noticed my performance went up a little quicker response times."

    2003 Dodge Ram
    Posted by

    "It got to my house quick; was easy to install, and allows for speedometer adjustment for tires! I had to read my speedo 10 miles faster than what it said before! Not anymore!"

    2004 Dodge Ram
    Posted by

    "The tuner wad easy to install but didn't make that big of a difference, a little horse power but nothing for fuel mileage so far."