2006 Infiniti QX56 Performance Chips

    • SUPERCHIPS®Cortex Programmer
      Infiniti QX56 5.6L 2006, Cortex Programmer by Superchips®. This hand-held diagnostic programmer connects with any OBD II compatible diesel or gasoline vehicle to adjust levels of horsepower and torque best suited to racing, towing,...
      # 1251408
    • SUPERCHIPS®Flashpaq Tuner
      Infiniti QX56 2006, Flashpaq Tuner by SUPERCHIPS®. This compact diagnostic programmer is specifically mapped to maximize levels of horsepower and torque most beneficial to towing or fuel economy on diesel engines from all makes and...
      # 26764307
    • BULLY DOG®Triple Dog GT Tuner
      $499.36from $399.49
      Infiniti QX56 2006, Triple Dog GT Tuner by Bully Dog®. The Triple Dog Gauge Tuner or GT is four products in one: a vehicle engine tuner, monitor, gauge and diagnostic device all in a single unit. The GT dramatically improves the...
      # 1392731
    • HYPERTECH®Max Energy Programmer
      Infiniti QX56 V8 5.6L Gas 2006, Max Energy Programmer by Hypertech®. Regular Fuel: HP Gain 19, TQ Gain 17, Premium Fuel: HP Gain 23, TQ Gain 21. The Max Energy Programmer series provides high levels of power and economy for...
      # 1684160
    • DiabloSport®Trinity Analog Cable
      Infiniti QX56 2006, Trinity Analog Cable by DiabloSport®. For vehicles with a tight amount of leg room, this accessory OBD II cable features a 90 degree bend to route the cable out of the way of your knees. Extremely useful for...
      # 26901540
    • DiabloSport®Trinity Suction Cup Mount
      Infiniti QX56 2006, Trinity Suction Cup Mount by DiabloSport®. This is a replacement suction cup mount for all T1000 units. This item has universal fitment to all Trinitys and is a service replacement for lost or damaged suction cups.
      # 26901541
    • BULLY DOG®GT Platinum Programmer
      Infiniti QX56 2006, GT Platinum Programmer by Bully Dog®. Shift Point/Firmness. Speed Limit. The GT Platinum is four products in one; a vehicle engine tuner, monitor, gauge and diagnostic device all in a single unit. The GT...
      # 42488772
    • JET®Computer Upgrade Kit
      Infiniti QX56 2006, Computer Upgrade Kit by JET®. Provides Increase Horsepower. Improved Acceleration. Provides Power Increase All The Time. Custom Program The Chip For Any Modifications. Provides All Materials Required To Safely...
      # 13546307
    • JET®V-Force Plus Computer Chip Programmer
      Infiniti QX56 2006, V-Force Plus Computer Chip Programmer by JET®. Increase Horsepower And Torque. Improves Performance Throughout The Rpm Range. Backlit Lcd Screen. Improves Performance. Variety Of Mounting Choices.
      # 41034108
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