HYPERTECH® 33500 - Max Energy E-CON™ Programmer (V6 4.3L)

2006 Chevy Silverado
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Chevy Silverado 1500 V6 4.3L Gas 2006, Max Energy E-CON™ Programmer (33500) by Hypertech®. Regular Fuel: HP Gain 5, TQ Gain 10. This tuner is created with a value price to give users of low-octane gasoline engines the core tuner functions of increased power and mileage with DTC clearing abilities, without having to pay for other features they may not need. Users can expect to see gains of 2 to 6 miles per gallon. This tuner is not recommended for use with super unleaded gasoline. Limited lifetime manufacturer warranty.

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  • For engines rated to run on low octane regular gasoline
  • Read, display, and clear diagnostic trouble codes and check engine lights
  • Depending on driving conditions, Users can expect gains of 2 to 6 miles per gallon
  • The E-CON tuner is NOT designed for use with super unleaded gasoline
  • Internet updatable when new programming software is released
  • Limited lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • Proudly manufactured in the United States

The regular-octane gas Max Energy E-CON hand-held tuners from Hypertech® gives you the ability to increase power, mileage, and towing capacity plus the ability to read and clear diagnostic trouble codes that you expect from programmers, but leaves off the extra features included in other versions of the Max Energy to create maximum value. The E-CON optimizes spark and fuel curves at all rpm levels and at all throttle openings for your specific vehicle. What does this mean? Economy is increased at part throttle and steady cruising applications, and usable horsepower and torque are increased when the throttle is used more aggressively, or when towing mode is selected. Since this tuner is programmed specifically for enhancing engines mapped to run on regular unleaded gasoline, it is not intended for use with higher compression or turbocharged engines that require super unleaded.

All Max Energy E-CON units come with a USB cable and CD for initial installation on your computer. Once the E-Con is prepped by your computer, it hooks up to any vehicle’s OBD II port. After reading and storing your vehicle’s factory engine control software, the E-CON uploads customized software you’re your vehicle’s engine control unit. Should you need to leave your car at the dealership, it’s easy to return your ECU to factory programming settings. Doing so also allows the E-CON to be used on a different gasoline vehicle – however, only one car at a time can be programmed. Should new software tunes for your specific vehicle be introduced in the future, they can easily be downloaded from Hypertech’s internet site at any point. This product is backed with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

Brand: Hypertech       Part Number: 33500       UPC: 759609048332 This part is compatible with 47 vehicle(s)
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Since its founding in 1985 in Tennessee, Hypertech® has been an industry leader in engine power enhancement through the use of software enhancements. In 1986, Hypertech created the original "power chip" which physically replaced factory stock engine control computers and increased horsepower and torque through remapping of computer-controlled fuel injection and ignition timing. As computer controls spread to other vehicle systems such as transmissions, throttle bodies, and variable-valve timing over the years, Hypertech was instrumental in software development that maximized the benefits of each of those systems to push the envelope of performance and fuel economy. In 1994, Hypertech was instrumental in creating the Power Programmer application which made it possible to download software enhancements into an existing ECU, which eliminated the need for replacement chips. Hypertech continues to lead the way today, and CARiD is proud to sell their range of innovative tuners that offer features competitors haven’t even thought of yet.

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