2005 Subaru WRX Ignition Systems

    • E3® - Spark Plug
      Subaru WRX H4 2005, Spark Plug by E3®. For a more efficient and complete burn, go with the super sturdy plugs by E3. The advanced DiamondFire plug features a diamond-shaped electrode that ensures rapid and complete combustion, enabling power...
      Our price: $6.13$6.13
      20% OFF
    • ZEX™ - Hyperformance™ Spark Plug
      Subaru WRX 2005, Hyperformance™ Spark Plug by ZEX™. 14mm Thread; 3/4 in. Reach; Gasket Seat Design; For Engines Using Nitrous/Turbos/Blowers.
      Our price: $5.84$5.84
      20% OFF
    • Karlyn STI® - Direct Ignition Coil
      Subaru WRX 2005, Direct Ignition Coil by Karlyn STI®. STI; Direct Ignition Coil Unit.
      Our price: $37.08 - $41.17$37.08
      20% OFF
    • Taylor Cable® - High Carbon Steel Pro Multiple Purpose Wire Tool
      Universal High Carbon Steel Pro Multiple Purpose Wire Tool by Taylor Cable®. Taylor has all those hard-to-find tools for assembling spark plug wires, whether it’s conventional 8mm wire or the monster 10.4 mm wire. If you only do this...
      Our price: $17.55$17.55
      20% OFF

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    "The product is made from high-quality material for the maximum performance. I realize that I get better fuel economy and in the same time, more power and torque."