2005 Subaru WRX Cabin Filters

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      Subaru WRX 2005, Cabin Air Filter, Particulate Type by Denso®. O.E. recommended replacement filter. Premium electrostatically charged media. Captures ultra-fine particulates such as diesel carbon and smoke. For people with...
      Filter designed to trap contaminants before they enter the vehicle cabinPremium-quality filter media stops particulates down to 0.001 microns
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      Subaru WRX FI 2005, Fresh Breeze™ Cabin Air Filter by FRAM®. The Fresh Breeze is engineered to filter and deodorize airflow drawn into the vehicle through the A/C, heating, and ventilation system. It is the only filter that...
      Filters up to 98% of road dust and road pollenRemoves the reoccurring musty smell that can develop in air conditioning and heating systems
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      Subaru WRX 2005, Cabin Air Filter by MANN-Filter®. With the activated carbon layer embedded in the media, this filter easily bonds pollutant gases such as sulfur dioxide, ozone and fuel vapors in the pores of the activated carbon,...
      Optimum ventilation of the cabin due to very high airflow ratesFilters even the smallest particles out of the airflow
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      Subaru WRX 2005, Cabin Air Filter by Hastings®. This filter is specially designed and manufactured to reduce the amount of airborne pollutants and particles entering the cabin by capturing dust, pollen and other airborne...
      Fully meets OE requirements for fit and operationReduces the level of contaminants, pollen, and dust in the cabin
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      Subaru WRX 2005, Cabin Air Filter by Beck Arnley®. For one hundred years, Beck/Arnley has been providing premium OE quality parts for vehicles. Beginning with motorcycle parts in 1914 and transitioning to import vehicles in the...
      OE quality products from top original equipmentTop quality materials
      # 52265950
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