2005 Ford Mustang Radiators

    • Replace® - Radiator
      Ford Mustang 2005, Radiator by Replace®. This is an aftermarket part that replaces factory OE# 9R3Z8005B, 4R3Z8005CA, 4R338005CE-SS. The radiator contains a series of small tubes through which coolant flows from the engine. A network of fins...
      Our price: $103.12$103.12 20% OFF
    • Spectra Premium® - Radiator
      Ford Mustang 2005, Radiator by Spectra Premium®. The radiator is a heat exchanger that transfers heat from your engine to the air flowing through the fins. If it’s damaged your engine could overheat. Before you end up with expensive engine...
      Our price: $161.97$161.97 20% OFF
    • Koyorad® - Radiator
      Ford Mustang Automatic Transmission 2005, Radiator by Koyorad®, 24-1/8" x 19-7/16" x 1" Core Size, 1-7/8" x 19-13/16" Top Header, 1 Row, Plastic/Aluminum Material. This is an aftermarket part that replaces factory OE # 4R3Z 8005 CA. When you...
      Our price: $103.69$103.69 20% OFF
    • Vista-Pro® - Ready-Rad™ Radiator
      Ford Mustang with Heavy Duty Cooling 2005, Ready-Rad™ Radiator by Vista-Pro®. Vista-Pro offers over 900 models covering 95% of the automotive, light truck and SUV industry. And with over a dozen patents and innovative features, the Ready-Rad™...
      Our price: $91.23$91.23 20% OFF
    • Stant® - OE Type Radiator Cap
      Ford Mustang 2005, OE Type Radiator Cap by Stant®. 16 psi Pressure Rating. Packaged in a Box. Test your radiator cap whenever you service the cooling system. If you’re in need of a replacement you can prevent engine overheating and expensive...
      Our price: $5.79$5.79 20% OFF
    • Stant® - Radiator Cap Tester Adapter
      Ford Mustang 2005, Radiator Cap Tester Adapter by Stant®. A faulty radiator cap can allow your engine to overheat. Testing the cap should be part of every thorough cooling system test. This adapter enables the Stant Cooling System tester to the...
      Our price: $49.64$49.64 20% OFF
    • Replace® - Radiator Support
      Ford Mustang 2005, Radiator Support by Replace®. The radiator contains a series of small tubes through which coolant flows from the engine. A network of fins surrounds the tubes. Airflow through the grille when the vehicle is at speed, or drawn...
      Our price: $78.95 - $234.99$78.95 20% OFF
    • Hayden® - Quick-Cool™ Radiator Mist System
      Universal Quick-Cool™ Radiator Mist System by Hayden®. This product is a great solution when you need additional cooling in extreme conditions. Perfect for motor homes and off-road vehicles, this radiator mist system adds up to an extra 40° of...
      Our price: $62.61$62.61 20% OFF
    • Koyo® - Aluminum Radiator
      Ford Mustang 2005, Aluminum Radiator by Koyo Cooling®. - Plastic Tank. Has your temperature gauge needle been creeping up? Are you seeing green puddles on the ground under your vehicle? If so, you may need cooling system repairs, which should not...
      Our price: $143.58$143.58 20% OFF

    Customer Reviews
    2002 Ford Mustang
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    "I was running a 10" fan on the cooling system but then decided to upgrade to 12" size. This fan runs a lot smoother and quieter. The cycle time is shorter due to the amount of flow I am getting through my radiator, and the cooling system is where it needs to be now. Well worth the money spent."