Superchips® - VIVID LINQ Performance Chip

2005 Dodge Ram
Superchips® - VIVID LINQ Performance ChipSuperchips® - VIVID LINQ Performance ChipSuperchips® - VIVID LINQ Performance Chip ManualSuperchips Authorized Dealer
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2005 Dodge Ram
Fits Following Model(s):
  • 2500 / 3500 Diesel
  • Wireless Android OS Compatible
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Dodge Ram 2500 / 3500 Diesel 2005, VIVID LINQ Performance Chip without tablet screen by Superchips®. This controller unit for your diesel-powered vehicle offers all VIVID Paq functions, but without the tablet screen. Connects to most Android-based phones for purposes of display and control operation. A Bluetooth dongle plugs into your vehicle’s OBD II port for wireless connection and lets you adjust horsepower and torque best suited to racing, towing, fuel economy, or all-terrain use. Provides real-time monitoring of trouble codes and engine diagnostics.

Notes: Wireless Android OS Compatible.

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  • Connects to most Android phones for purposes of display and control operation
  • Links to vehicle OBD II port wirelessly to let you increase horsepower and torque for maximum track performance, towing, or off-roading
  • Can be mounted underneath dash panel
  • Offers setting for maximum fuel economy to save fuel
  • Allows customizing operation of air/fuel ratio, fuel injector flow rates, throttle sensitivity, and automatic transmission shift points
  • Designed specifically for Diesel engines
  • Built in accelerometer measures angles of your vehicle’s pitch, roll and incline to provide customized operation during extreme use
  • Monitors exhaust gas temperatures as a fail-safe to ensure no engine components are being pushed past their limits
  • Provides detailed diagnostic of all check engine light faults and real-time monitoring of trouble codes
  • Maintenance Minder function reminds you when it’s time to change oil, rotate tires, and perform other vehicle specific maintenance
  • 50-state emissions legal
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Proudly manufactured in the United States

The Superchips Vivid Linq for diesel engines uses your Android phone as a display screen and control pad to interact with your vehicle’s central control computer to adjust settings for air and fuel mixtures, fuel injector flow rates, throttle response speed, and automatic transmission shift points. This lets you choose more horsepower when you want to race at high speeds, more torque for towing conditions, gradual throttle response and power delivery for tricky off-road situations, or any combination in between. During every day driving, a fuel economy setting maximizes all parameters for improved mileage. Factory engineers created your vehicle to operate under the extremes of any of these conditions, but ultimately settled on one range of midrange settings to satisfy the everyday driving needs of most vehicle owners. Because those well-rounded driving algorithms do not maximize any specific performance category, the Superchips Performance Enhancer simply adjusts factory settings to get the most out of your engine’s natural abilities. Vehicle emissions will remain legal in 50 states no matter what setting the Vivid is programmed to. The Vivid Linq hooks up wirelessly to a Bluetooth dongle that plugs in to your vehicle’s OBDII port.

Because there is no benefit if power gains are harmful to mechanicals or related systems, the Superchips programmer performs a wide range of diagnostics to ensure safe engine operation the same way your own vehicle does. Real-time monitoring reads present errors that occur normally during any engine operation, cross-references them against accumulations of past errors, and uses all data to predict future errors and adapt conditions accordingly. As a fail-safe, Vivid Linq for Diesel models monitors exhaust gas temperatures to ensure they are not at excessive levels indicative of harmful engine operation. If you have any pre-existing check engine conditions, the Superchips Vivid Linq will give you a full diagnosis of why your light is on with no extra cost. Unlike many performance controllers that only add power at full-throttle, Superchips delivers at all of points throughout your vehicle’s throttle position and engine rpm range. A built-in 3-axis accelerometer measures angles of your vehicle’s pitch, roll and squat to determine how your vehicle is actually handling under any given conditions. This feedback allows the controller to minimize any wasted motion that counteracts achievement of maximum power or fuel economy.

Brand: Superchips       Part Number: 138550       UPC: 853118003070 This part is compatible with 8 vehicle(s)
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Founded in the United Kingdom as P.J. Detection Techniques in 1977, Superchips was originally involved in racing and became one of the first tuner companies to gain in-depth expertise on modifying engines equipped with electronic fuel injection systems. As engineering expertise grew on a variety of fuel systems and engine types, the company first debuted a line of power-enhancing performance products to the consumer market in England, then worldwide. After changing their name to Superchips in 1991, the company established itself in the United States a year later. The company grew to specialize in hand-held programmers and today remains on the cutting edge of turning modern computer-controlled vehicle functions into creative tuning applications. In 2005, Superchips was acquired by MSD Performance and became affiliated with MSD Ignition, Edge Products and Racepak parts. Today, Superchips USA is based out of Sanford, Florida and performs all production in the United States.

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