2005 Buick Le Sabre Air Suspension

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      Buick Le Sabre 2005, OE Replacement Air Suspension by Arnott®. Arnott offers completely new and rebuilt air suspension struts, shocks, and springs designed to match the fine tolerances of original equipment. New Arnott parts are...
      Air springs, struts, and shocks are sold individually (not as a set) for front and rear applicationsArnott sources many components from the same name brand companies that vehicle manufacturers used to build original OEM parts with
      $233.76from $187.01 - $233.75
      # 10114942
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      Buick Le Sabre 2005, Rear Upper Shock Mounting Kit by Suncore®. This Kit replaces your original rear upper shock mount and optimizes suspension and steering performance.
      Easy to installInstallation instructions included
      # 14251388
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      Buick Le Sabre 2005, SR Series Rear Shock Absorbers by KYB®, 2 per Pack. SR Series shocks and struts are specifically designed to replace OE self-leveling and electronic units to help restore the vehicle's original control and...
      Restores the vehicle's original control and handling capabilitiesDirectly replaces original equipment self-leveling and electronic shocks and struts
      # 17797372
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      Buick Le Sabre 2005, Air Compressor Isolator by Suncore®. Compressor Rubber Vibration Isolator kit absorbs the vibration from your air suspension compressor and gets Rid of The Vibration Noise. This Kit includes 3 New Rubber...
      Easy to installInstallation instructions included
      # 14251669
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      Buick Le Sabre 2005, Suspension Air Compressor Drier by Suncore®. Outlet: 1. Air Suspension Dryer comes fully assembled and filled with desiccant. The Air Dryer is what keeps the moisture out of the system. Ensuring that the Air...
      Easy to installInstallation instructions included
      # 14251521
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      Buick Le Sabre 2005, Air Line Repair Kit by Suncore®. Suspension Air Line Repair Kit will allow you to connect up to 2 or 3 Suspension air lines together. This will allow you to repair small sections of broken or damaged Air Line...
      Air line repair union tee for all Ford/Lincoln/Mercury vehiclesAllows connecting up to 2/3 suspension air lines together
      $12.49from $9.99 - $12.99
      # 14251906
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      Buick Le Sabre L36 Engine 2005, LoadController™ Air Compressor Systems by Air Lift®. LoadController systems are air compressors that mount permanently on the frame of your vehicle to give you spring inflation pressure wherever...
      Dual-path design compressors allow left- or right-side springs on the same axle to be controlled independently of each otherHeavy-duty strength compressors are recommended for daily or commercial use, run quieter, and provide better filtration
      $281.25from $225.00 - $415.00
      # 9815353
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      Buick Le Sabre L36 Engine 2005, Load Support Air Springs by Air Lift®. Load Support Air Springs are sets of two adjustable secondary air springs that help existing springs maintain a level ride, proper handling, and safety when...
      Set of two air bag spring supports designed to work with factory OEM springsPrevents vehicle’s main springs from sagging due to constant load compression
      # 9809902
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      Buick Le Sabre L36 Engine 2005, QuickSHOT™ Compressor System by Air Lift®, with Equal Air Spring Infation, Single Gauge, Dual Needle. This kit contains an air compressor, lines, hardware, and a 2-gallon auxiliary tank that stores...
      2-gallon auxiliary tank stores compressed air for faster inflation of air springsTank can be used with single or dual front/rear Air Lift applications
      # 9824640
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      Buick Le Sabre L36 Engine 2005, SmartAIR™ Automatic Leveling System by Air Lift®, Single Sensor. This kit includes an air pump, magnetic height sensors, wiring, harnesses, and all hardware needed to inflate or deflate air springs...
      Maintains level ride height from front to rearUnique non-contact height sensor maintains level ride
      # 9824572
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      Buick Le Sabre L36 Engine 2005, Wireless Control System by Air Lift®. These kits include a compact wireless remote control and all the equipment you need to adjust the pressure in two air springs on the same axle. Choose the...
      Equal Air Spring Inflation kit contains a standard air compressor that adjusts left and right springs together at the same time to the same pressureSeparate Air Spring Inflation kit contains a heavy duty air compressor with separate lines that allows individual adjustment of left and right springs
      $459.38from $367.50 - $524.99
      # 9806168
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      Buick Le Sabre 2005, Suspension Load Leveling Kit by Firestone®. Coil-Rite®; Air Helper Spring Kit; Rear; Incl. Air Helper Springs; Supports; Hardware; Air Line; And Inflation Valves; No Drilling Required; OEM Number W237604105.
      # 13325016
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      Buick Le Sabre 2005, Air Suspension Solenoid Connector by Standard®, Use 1 per Car. Black. 4 Terminal Female. SMP’s vision is to be the leading independent supplier to the automotive aftermarket, providing the highest quality...
      OE quality parts from top original equipment and aftermarket manufacturersFast shipping; 1-2 day delivery time regardless of where you’re located
      # 44830372
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      Buick Le Sabre 2005, Air Compressor by Westar®. Use 1 per Car. Westar is a widely recognized manufacturer and exporter of rubber to metal bonded parts for all types of trucks and automobiles. Every single product goes through...
      Non re-manufacturedBuild with brand new rubber to ensure the life of air spring
      # 22570213
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      Universal Air Management Systems by Air Lift®. Air Lift offers a wide variety of complete kits with everything needed to set up an air suspension system. Springs are not included, however these systems will work with your choice of...
      Kits contain air compressor(s), reserve tank, gauges, control switches, and all related hardware and air lines needed for installationAir springs are not included in Air Management System kits
      $968.75from $775.00 - $1,375.00
      # 7658376
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      Universal Hydraulic Individual Lift System by KW Suspensions®. This is a set of 4 hydraulic cylinder units that mount between the spring perch and spring on KW coilovers. These expand to provide 1.8 inches of front and rear lift...
      Hydraulic lift cylinders (located on the coilover body between spring perch and spring) expand to provide 1.8 inches of front and rear vehicle liftAvailable in 4-wheel front and rear, or front-only applications
      $4,499.99from $3,599.99 - $4,749.99
      # 11472927
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      Universal 12 Volt Air Compressors by Air Lift®. Air Lift offers 2-stage, 12-volt air compressors for all needs and budgets. Choose smaller ones for basic load leveling needs, or choose a set of two paired compressors to fill large...
      Dual Viair 450C, 400C, 380C, and 480C kits come with an air line extension and separate brackets for remote mountingAll compressors operate on standard 12-volt automotive electrical systems
      $223.69from $178.95 - $419.95
      # 7611197
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      Universal Air Tanks by Air Lift®. Enhance the inflation speed and performance of your air springs with a reserve of air compressed to 150 psi stored in any of Air Lift’s reinforced steel Air Tanks. Available in sizes from 2...
      Crafted from high-strength, reinforced traditional steelEnsure a reserve of compressed air for springs to inflate instantly, at a faster rate
      $88.06from $70.45 - $125.22
      # 7611053
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    1981 Buick Le Sabre | Posted by Brian | (Dolar, FL)

    This wireless system provides the easiest way to be able to stand beside your truck while adjusting the air to your air springs, so you can get an eagle eye view of the air springs at work stabilizing your tow vehicle.

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