2004 Subaru WRX Oil Filters

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    • Beck Arnley® Oil Filter
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      # 52265940
      Subaru WRX 2004, Oil Filter by Beck Arnley®. RB-Replaces: 041-8074. For one hundred years, Beck/Arnley has been providing premium OE quality parts for vehicles. Beginning with motorcycle parts in 1914 and transitioning to import...
      OE quality products from top original equipmentTop quality materials
    • FRAM® High Mileage™ Full-Flow Spin-On Oil Filter
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      # 40170794
      Subaru WRX 2.0L FI 2004, High Mileage™ Full-Flow Spin-On Oil Filter by FRAM®. 1 Piece. This Full-Flow Spin-On filter helps to extend the service life of High Mileage vehicles ensuring maximum engine protection and unrestricted...
      Ensures extreme engine protection and oil filtration for older high mileage vehiclesContains time-released additives to maintain protection throughout oil life
    • FRAM® Tough Guard™ Full-Flow Spin-On Oil Filter
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      # 40173556
      Subaru WRX FI 2004, Tough Guard™ Full-Flow Spin-On Oil Filter by FRAM®. 1 Piece. This filter is designed to ensure maximum protection to your engine under any driving conditions. FRAM Tough Guard oil filter uses only high-quality...
      Ensures extreme engine protection and oil filtrationDesigned for Premium Conventional and Synthetic Blend Motor Oil
      $8.57 - $8.96
    • FRAM® Ultra/Xtended Guard Full-Flow Spin-On Oil Filter
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      # 40173563
      Subaru WRX FI 2004, Ultra/Xtended Guard Full-Flow Spin-On Oil Filter by FRAM®. 1 Piece. Engineered for maximum engine protection without affecting oil flow this full-flow filter utilizes dual-layer synthetic media that provides...
      Designed for Full-Flow oil filtrationFor use with synthetic oil
    • Hastings® Spin-on Oil Filter
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      # 21463427
      Subaru WRX 2.5L 2004, Spin-on Oil Filter by Hastings®. 1 Piece. This filter traps contaminants from the oil minimizing the possibility of costly engine repairs. To prevent any leaks, it comes with a nitrile gasket that withstands...
      Protects the engine from damaging contaminantsExcels in both contaminant removal efficiency and contaminant holding capacity
    • MANN-Filter® Spin-On Oil Filter
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      # 20564174
      Subaru WRX 2004, Spin-On Oil Filter by MANN-Filter®. 1 Piece. This oil filter is designed to provide the engine with clean oil needed for smooth and long-lasting operation. The product stands up to even the most demanding...
      Optimum protection for the engineDesigned for modern high-performance oil
    • Motorcraft® Engine Oil Filter
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      # 23872039
      Subaru WRX 2004, Engine Oil Filter by Motorcraft®. At your next oil change, replace your dirty oil filter with this premium product. Engineered specifically for your Ford, Mercury, or Lincoln, the Motorcraft oil filter thoroughly...
      Direct OEM replacementRecommended by Ford Motor Company
    • Denso® Oil Filter
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      # 21061374
      Subaru WRX / WRX STI 2004, Oil Filter by Denso®. O.E. Quality Replacement Filter. Height: 65 mm. Outside Diameter: 68 mm. When it comes to oil filters, you can't do better than Denso. This is why Densi is one of the world's premier...
      Heavy-duty steel case resists distortionPre-lubricated molded o-ring provides superior sealing over generic filters
    • WIX® Spin-On Lube Filter
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      # 67753934
      Subaru WRX 2004, Spin-On Lube Filter by WIX®. Oil is the life-blood of an engine, which means the oil filter should never be taken for granted, especially in harsh heavy-duty environments. The small price maintenance teams must pay...
      Filters oil by trapping particles from entering the engineHighly durable and reliable
      $7.41 - $8.56
    • Hayden® Engine Oil Filter Remount Kit
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      # 22270538
      Universal Engine Oil Filter Remount Kit by Hayden®. This product is designed for use when relocation of the oil filter is necessary. The Hayden oil filter remount kit includes all required hardware to complete the job, except hoses.
      Non-thermostaticDesigned to ensure easy oil filter relocation

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