2004 Chevy Corvette Shocks and Struts

    • KYB®Gas-a-Just™ Shock Absorber
      $96.28from $77.02
      Chevy Corvette without Electronic Suspension / without Magnetic Selective Ride 2004, Gas-a-Just™ Shock Absorber by KYB®. Go with Gas-a-Just shocks and struts and experience greater stability, handling, and control over twin-tube...
      Replacement for an OE monotube shock to restore/keep the vehicle's original performance characteristicsIdeal as an upgrade from an OE twin-tube for quicker, more responsive handling and control
      # 17815320
    • KONI®Sport Shocks
      $448.00from $358.40
      Chevy Corvette Convertible / Coupe without MR Suspension without Electronic Suspension 2004, Sport Shocks by KONI®, 1 per Pack. Design: Mono-Tube with High Pressure Gas. Adjustment Feature: Double Externally Adjustable. Body Style:...
      These sport shocks are externally adjustable by means of a knob and need to be disassembled from the carDamping forces fine-tuning to personal driving style and road conditions matter of seconds
      # 16477278
    • KONI®FSD Shock Kit
      Chevy Corvette Convertible / Coupe without Electronic Suspension with Stock Height 2004, FSD Shock Kit by KONI®, 4 per Pack. Design: Twin-Tube Hydraulic. Adjustment Feature: Standard Adjustable. KONI introduces FSD, the first...
      Ends the compromise between comfort and handlingNo need for sensors, cables, or other electronic devices
      # 16478332
    • Monroe®Sensa-Trac™ Shocks
      Chevy Corvette except F55 Magnetic Selective Ride Control 2004, Sensa-Trac™ Shocks by Monroe®. 1 per Pack. Length: 11.34" Compressed Upper Mount: Stem Mount - 2.375" Stem Length x 0.375"-16 Thread Pitch. Lower Mount: Special...
      Provide the correct level of suspension damping for the particular surface and weightTwin-tube or monotube design
      # 17910712
    • Bilstein®B6 Series Heavy Duty Shock
      Chevy Corvette 2004, B6 Series Havy Duty Shock by Bilstein®, 1 per Pack. Yellow Paint. Design: 46mm Monotube. With Black Straight Boot. BILSTEIN B6 gas pressure shocks and struts are designed to mount in the stock location on a...
      Improved safety and sportinessAdded traction and enhanced stability
      # 17169601
    • Bilstein®B8 Series SP Shock
      Chevy Corvette 2004, B8 Series SP Shock by Bilstein®, 1 per Pack. Yellow Paint. Design: 46mm Monotube. With Black Straight Boot. If you’re looking for a performance lowering shock absorber or strut, the BILSTEIN B8 Sport Series...
      Monotube gas pressure constructionHigh-performance shock absorbers and struts designed specifically for lowering springs and production sport vehicle
      # 17171897
    • Rugged Ridge®Shock Boot
      Universal Shock Boot by Rugged Ridge®. The Jeep is the original high performance off-road machine, built to perform under the most grueling conditions. But even though it's a capable machine right from the factory, performance...
      Engineered and trail tested exclusively for JeepsOver 3000 products
      # 6894402