PowerStop® - Z16 Evolution Ceramic Rear Brake Pads

2003 Subaru WRX
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Subaru WRX With 15" Wheel / With 16" Wheel / With 17" Wheel 2003, Z16 Evolution Ceramic Rear Brake Pads by PowerStop®. Contains one axle set of Power Stop Z16 Evolution ceramic rear brake pads and rubber/steel shims. Power Stop’s Evolution carbon-ceramic pad formula uses OE positive mold technology to ensure a uniform friction density throughout the pad. This helps control noise and premature wear. 2-year/24,000 mile manufacturer limited warranty on the rotors and pads being sold separately.

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  • Thermal Scorched for fast break-in
  • Positive mold technology
  • Low dust formulation
  • Shims made with dual rubber layers over constrained steel to eliminate noise
  • Asbestos-free
  • 2-year/24,000 mile manufacturer limited warranty on the rotors and pads being sold separately

The true ceramic formula also generates far less ugly brake dust on your wheels, and wears less cast iron off your rotors. Every set of pads is supplied with Power Stop’s engineered dual-rubber-backed shims, which provide 6 times the noise reduction of the OEM plain steel shims. With 20% more stopping power, these are the pads to choose for everyday use. They’re manufactured to OEM standards, with all the proper slots and chamfers for a perfect fit and long life.

Here’s another Power Stop exclusive: Thermal Scorching. When brake pads are properly broken in, there’s a band of pad material several millimeters thick that’s been baked free of organic binders. That band progresses through the pad as it wears, keeping the gummy binders from transferring to the rotor surface and reducing brake effectiveness. Power Stop Z16 pads are treated with their Thermal Scorching process to establish that band before the pads ever leave the factory. That means a fast, consistent bedding-in.

Power Stop also uses the best technology for anti-squeal shims: constrained steel. A sandwich of two layers of steel with a viscoelastic layer between them prevents acoustic coupling between the pad and caliper piston, eliminating brake squeal. Other manufacturers attempt to use a single layer of steel or a layer of Teflon to achieve this. Power Stop’s solution, while pricier, is far more effective.

Brand: PowerStop       Part Number: 16-770       UPC: 792088484314 This part is compatible with 30 vehicle(s)
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Founded in 1997 in Southern California, PowerStop began with the goal of bringing the benefits of superior brake components at a reasonable cost to amateur racing and backyard performance enthusiasts everywhere. Company management and engineers believed then, as they do today, that better brakes make driving more enjoyable and safer for any vehicle, terrain, and driving style – not just racing. They developed a philosophy that while brake components cannot be superior without the most advanced materials, they also cannot perform in a superior fashion without matching the exact tolerances of each and every individual vehicle they are created for. Relentless development and testing led to brake pads, rotors, drum shoes, and other related components that delivered uncompromising fit and operation, and Power Stop’s customer base grew exponentially from positive word of mouth. The company still has its original passion for creating the best products at the best possible prices, so when it comes to replacement brake components for your vehicle, Power Stop is the only name you need to know.

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