2003 Kia Optima Performance Transmissions

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      Kia Optima 2.4L 2003, V2 Series Single Plate Clutch Kit by Fidanza®, Input Spline: 20, Disc Diameter: 8.86", Torque Capacity: 350 lbs/ft, Disc Material: Ceramic, Pressure Plate Style: Diaphragm, Pilot Bushing, Flywheel and Mounting...
      Improves your vehicle's performanceSprung-hub design to reduce vibration
      # 15891201
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      Kia Optima 2.7L 2003, High Performance Aluminum Lightweight Flywheel with Replaceable Friction Plate by Fidanza®. If you want to improve the performance of your vehicle, this part is a must-have for you. Thanks to its lightweight...
      CNC-machined for exact fitDelivers more horsepower to the wheels
      # 15892056
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      Universal Hand Brake Knob with Red Stitch by Spec-D®. Spec-D figuratively has their finger on the pulse of the automotive aftermarket, so they can bring you the latest style and best performing parts and accessories. No matter...
      # 12382967
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      Universal Black Polyurethane Leather with Red Stitch Shifter Knob by Spec-D®. Designed for 5 and 6-speed manual transmission. Measurement : 83mm x 36mm. Equipped with: 1 black shift knob, 3 adapters and 5/6 speed decal stickers...
      # 26510168
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      $339.15from $271.32 - $299.68
      Universal Hi-Tek Cooling System by B&M®. B&M SuperCoolers are 100% aluminum construction and use stamped plates sandwiched together to create one of the most efficient oil cooling devices available. Not only does this unique design...
      Stacked Plate design provides better cooling than ordinary fin and tube coolersAll aluminum, over-brazed construction
      # 10015272
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      $84.76from $67.81 - $86.39
      Universal Automatic Transmission SuperCooler™ by B&M®. B&M SuperCoolers are 100% aluminum construction and use stamped plates sandwiched together to create one of the most efficient oil cooling devices available. Not only does...
      Stacked plate designLow pressure drop feature
      # 10015277
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      $91.68from $73.34 - $121.13
      Universal Engine and Transmission Black Race SuperCooler™ by B&M®. B&M SuperCoolers are 100% aluminum construction and use stamped plates sandwiched together to create one of the most efficient oil cooling devices available. Not...
      Stacked Plate design provides better cooling than ordinary fin and tube coolersAll aluminum, over-brazed construction
      # 10015437
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      $100.51from $80.41 - $136.54
      Universal Engine and Transmission Polished Race SuperCooler™ by B&M®. B&M SuperCoolers are 100% aluminum construction and use stamped plates sandwiched together to create one of the most efficient oil cooling devices available....
      Stacked Plate design provides better cooling than ordinary fin and tube coolersAll aluminum, over-brazed construction
      # 10015446
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      $60.50from $48.40 - $61.78
      Universal Pistol Grip Shifter Handle by Hurst Shifters®. Replace your old, factory-installed shifter handle with this stylish accessory by Hurst today! CNC-machined from high-strength billet aluminum, the upgrade is designed with...
      Provides a more precise shift feelErgonomic Pistol-Grip design for easy and convenient use
      # 9146869
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      $36.18from $28.94 - $59.26
      Universal T-Handle Shifter Knob by Hurst Shifters®. Get a better grip with these sturdy aluminum T-handles from Hurst! Available in polished, brushed, and chrome finishes, these are sure to enhance any interior style. The parts...
      Adds a stylish touch to your shifterImproves comfort and shift feel
      # 9146939
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      Competition Shifter Knob with Built-In 12V Switch by Hurst Shifters®. Now with snap action for immediate activation, this black molded knob is a perfect choice for use with the Hurst Roll/Control®, trans brake, nitrous oxide...
      Ideal to control any 12 Volt system or unitQuick release, 10 amp, normally open switch
      # 9169705
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      Sidewinder Black Shifter Knob with Hurst Logo by Hurst Shifters®. Designed with an emphasis on convenience of use and effectiveness, this unique accessory is equipped with a side button switch handily located for the driver's...
      Comes with a quick release side button switch12-volt 10 amp, normally open switch
      # 9169812
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      Quarter Stick White Shifter Knob by Hurst Shifters®. Fits 7/16-20 threads. Solid high gloss plastic knob with logo and molded in metal thread insert, complete with jam nut.
      Adds a personal touch to your interiorOriginal Hurst Classic design
      # 9169817
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      Universal Black Shifter Knob with Hurst Emblem by Hurst Shifters®. Hurst shift knob ball, black glossy finish with Hurst logo pin embedded on the top of the ball. Elegant and classic, this ball shaped shift knob will instantly add...
      Adds a personal touch to your interiorOriginal Hurst Classic design
      # 9169819
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      $37.05from $29.64 - $40.01
      Classic Shifter Knob by Hurst Shifters®. Take a closer look at these all-time popular original parts that can be found on many of the classic American muscle cars! Inlaid with 3, 4, 5, or 6-speed gate pattern, the Hurst Classic...
      Adds a personal touch to your interiorOriginal Hurst Classic design
      # 9169924
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      $253.71from $202.97 - $229.30
      Universal Mopar Pistol Grip Shifter Stick by Hurst Shifters®. This accessory is a perfect replacement for your original shifter stick. Thanks to the Pistol Grip design, it provides a more comfortable and natural grip when shifting....
      Direct-fit replacementDesigned for a firm natural grip
      # 9928045
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      $216.70from $173.36 - $189.00
      HardDrive Shifter Stick by Hurst Shifters®. Enhance the look of your vehicle's interior in minutes by replacing your old dull shifter stick. Stylish design, high performance, and exceptional durability are sure to be provided with...
      Designed for use with Comp/Plus or Billet/Plus shiftersFits any Hurst shifter that accepts a two-bolt style upper stick
      # 9928069
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      Billet Boot Support by Hurst Shifters®. Add a finishing custom touch to your gear shift with this polished to a mirror-like shine accessory. This billet aluminum boot support is specifically designed to allow you to attach any...
      Adapts boots to fit any Hurst flat bolt-on sticksCan be used with leather or rubber shift boot
      # 9136464
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      Universal The Original Roll/Control™ by Hurst Shifters®. Launch Control, Roll Control with Stainless Valve. Want to do those impressive burnouts in front of your girlfriend's house or take part in the drag racing event? Then you...
      Perfect for use on high-performance race carsAdaptable to most domestic and import hydraulic brake systems
      # 9136915
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      Replacement Switch for Roll/Control by Hurst Shifters®. To ensure proper functioning of your Roll/Control system and provide an aesthetically pleasing switch setup, use this new, great-looking switch kit. A separate ''arming''...
      Can be used to arm and activate your Roll/ControlCan also be applied with nitrous or trans brake system
      # 9136920
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      Roll/Control Installation Kit by Hurst Shifters®. To make the installation of a Hurst Original Roll/Control system quicker and neater, use this convenient and easy-to-use kit. It contains everything you need to make the job done...
      Ensures quick and easy Roll/Control installationSturdy steel brake lines
      # 9136924
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      Roll/Control Rebuild Kit - Roll Control Valve by Hurst Shifters®. Once you want to rebuild your Hurst Roll/Control solenoid, you'll definitely require this kit that includes everything you may need for the replacement. Get your...
      Required to rebuild the Hurst Roll/Control valveKeeps your Roll/Control in a perfect working order
      # 9136926
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      Roll/Control Replacement 12 Volt Solenoid Valve by Hurst Shifters®. Can't start your quarter-mile race because of a broken or clogged solenoid valve? Replace it with a new Hurst Roll/Control solenoid that provides perfect stage...
      Direct replacement part12V capacity
      # 9136927
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      Spiral Cord with High-Speed Snap Action Switch by Hurst Shifters®. Keep both your hands on the steering wheel while operating your Roll/Control, trans brake, or nitrous system. This ''snap action'' switch with a coiled cord is an...
      Perfect for operating Roll/Control, nitrous systems, trans brakes, etc.Ensures immediate and effective activation
      # 9136930
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      Roll/Control Switch Kit by Hurst Shifters®. To have your Roll/Control system work best for you, make sure all its components operate as they should. In case you find any problems that appear to be related to the micro switch,...
      Delivers instant and accurate releaseMade of durable plastic to last
      # 9136932
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      $11.31from $9.05 - $18.06
      Replacement Shifter Springs Kit by Hurst Shifters®. If the spring that holds down your shift lever wears out, it may lead to a stuck gear and cause you lots of problems. Replace your damaged or weak shifter springs with these new...
      Fits most Hurst shifter applicationsRestores precise shifter operation
      # 9136933
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      $13.34from $10.67 - $11.50
      Pit Pack by Hurst Shifters®. If you're looking for something that will both lengthen the lifespan and improve the performance of your precious shifter, you've just found the part. The pit pack is designed to be used on Hurst Master...
      Specially made for Hurst shifter applicationsExtends service life of your shifter
      # 9146173
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      $28.03from $22.42 - $45.13
      Shifter Boot and Plate by Hurst Shifters®. There's no easier way to make your car's interior look classy again than to go with this great-looking boot and plate assembly. An ultra durable resin boot and extremely strong steel plate...
      Adds a special custom look to your interiorCrafted from extra-strong rubber to last
      # 9146323
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      $15.63from $12.50 - $29.60
      Back-Up Light Switch by Hurst Shifters®. The part is specifically designed to turn on your back-up lights. This great switch by Hurst is the most popular choice among car enthusiasts because it provides both superior performance...
      Designed for use with Hurst shiftersTurns on your reverse lights when backing up
      # 9146713
    • (1 reviews)
      Neutral/Park Start Switch for Quarter Stick Shifter by Hurst Shifters®. There may be many reasons for your vehicle not to start, and a defective safety switch can be one of them. In case you need a quality replacement part, go with...
      Designed to work with all Quarter SticksFits front and rear exit cable shifters
      # 9146721
    • (1 reviews)
      $83.91from $67.13 - $208.40
      Quarter Stick Shifter Accessories by Hurst Shifters®. These top-quality Quarter Stick cover kits are designed specifically to add that distinctive finished look to your Quarter Stick™ setup. Available in an attractive aluminum or...
      Specially created for Hurst Quarter Stick and Pistol Grip shiftersEnsures a neat professional look
      # 9146919
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      $16.24from $12.99 - $19.32
      Universal Flex Plate to Crankshaft Bolts by Mr. Gasket®. Look to Mr. Gasket for the health of the cooling system on your custom, modified or race car. An overheated engine will produce less power, and will eventually fail if...
      # 12129580
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      $14.83from $11.86 - $18.99
      Universal GatorClips™ Oil Cooler Mounting Clamps by Flex-a-lite®. GatorClips® are the most secure way to mount an oil cooler to brackets or flat panels. A stack of three GatorClips® creates an air gap between the cooler and any...
      Heavy duty clips to mount an oil cooler to brackets or flat panelsIncludes mounting bolts and locking nuts for 2-point mount
      # 12919243
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      $66.14from $52.91 - $71.12
      Replacement Shifter Cable by Hurst Shifters®. This top-quality cable features an ultra-durable construction to ensure many years of effective service. It is made of tough 303 stainless steel inner wire with solid plastic outer...
      Perfect match replacementImproved design and solid construction
      # 9146183
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      $226.00from $180.80 - $206.00
      Universal Differential Cover by ARB®. When off road, it is inevitable that obstacles and off-road hazards will be encountered that could potentially inflict expensive damage to your differential. To prevent this, ARB manufactures...
      Computer optimized cross brace design increases the structural rigidity of the whole axleAdditional housing strength helps keep the ring & pinion gears meshing on the flat faces of the teeth, greatly increasing ring & pinion life and overall maximum load strength
      # 15960828
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      Kia Optima 2003, Release Bearing by Exedy®. Do you feel shaking or shuddering when you engage the clutch; hear grinding noise when you shift gears? Does your engine race without an increase in road speed? You’re in need of...
      # 7957021
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