2003 Chevy Silverado Turbochargers

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      Chevy Silverado 2003, TVS1900 Series Supercharger Kit by MagnaCharger®. Radix Retro. Maximize your vehicle's potential and experience the limitless power with this supercharger system. This bolt-on kit is engineered to give you...
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      Chevy Silverado New Body 6.6L DSL 2003, BladeRunner Intercooler Tube by aFe®. Increase horsepower and reduce exhaust gas temperature with the aFe BladeRunner Intercooler Tube. The BladeRunner will outflow your factory tube by a...
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      Chevy Silverado 6.6L 2003, Aluminum Intercoolers by Mishimoto®. The Mishimoto intercooler is manufactured with robust cast aluminum end tanks and a dense bar-and-plate core. This intercooler provides decreased intake temperatures,...
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      Chevy Silverado 6.6L 2003, Intercooler by Spectra Premium®. The intercooler cools the compressed air from the supercharger or turbocharger to create a denser air intake charge and more efficient combustion. This intercooler...
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      Chevy Silverado 6.6L 2003, Standard Black Aluminum Intercooler Pipe and Boot Kit by Mishimoto®. Includes: 2 Polished Aluminum Intercooler Pipes, 4 Silicone Boots with DuraCore™ Technology, 8 Constant Tension T-Bolt Clamps, 2...
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