2002 Subaru WRX Shock & Strut Mounts

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    • Monroe® Strut-Mate™ Mount Components
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      Subaru WRX 2002, Strut-Mate™ Mount Components by Monroe®. 1 per Pack. Worn strut mounts can adversely affect your vehicles handling, and should always be replaced when new struts are installed as a part of a complete repair....
      Ensures complete repair of all worn strut componentsDirect fit replacement
      $11.66from $9.33 - $53.39
      # 36085496
    • First Equipment Quality® Strut Mount
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      Subaru WRX 2002, Strut Mount by First Equipment Quality®. Position: Front. Does your luxury car ride like an old buckboard wagon? Is your pickup still bouncing long after the bump? If so your suspension is in need of repair, but...
      # 7971328
    • Daystar® Shock Reservoir Isolators
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      Universal Shock Reservoir Isolators by Daystar®. 2 per Pack. This is a purpose-built set of two polyurethane mounts that provide superior vibration dampening for add-on nitrogen containers designed to boost performance of...
      Set of two vibration dampener bushings custom designed for add-on shock absorber reservoir tanksPolyurethane construction provides superior strength and shock dampening
      $10.46from $8.37 - $12.99
      # 60083881
    • Daystar® Shock Therapy™ Custom Shock Boot
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      Universal Shock Therapy™ Shock Therapy™ Custom Shock Boot by Daystar®. Surround and protect your shock absorber from internal damage due to permeation from grit and corrosive grime with this polyurethane sleeve that mounts...
      Contains 1 outer boot for 1 shock absorberPolyurethane construction matches the flexibility of rubber with greater resistance to breakdown by oily contaminants, corrosive salt, or rock hits
      $3.41from $2.73 - $12.50
      # 60083764
    • Daystar® Shock and End Link Bushings
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      Universal Shock and End Link Bushings by Daystar®. This is a set of replacement polyurethane bushings designed for use in the pivot points of end link rods, and also within the open, circular ends of some shock absorbers....
      Set of 2 replacement polyurethane bushings that meet or exceed OEM levels of vibration dampening refinement and strengthDesigned in a shape that can be used inside some end links and shock absorber mounting eyes
      $5.20from $4.16 - $12.50
      # 60083851