2002 Subaru WRX Lowering Kits

    • KW Suspensions®Inox-Line Coilover Lowering Kit
      $2,249.99from $1,799.99
      Subaru WRX 2002, Inox-Line Coilover Lowering Kit by KW Suspensions®. Threaded Struts Adjust Front and Rear Height. Inox Lowering Kits are sets of 4 street-use coilovers that can be lowered individually by hand. For simple, no-muss...
      V1 Inox coilovers feature non-adjustable damper settings that have been pre-set to achieve optimum levels of sport handling, comfort, and safety at any ride heightV2 Inox coilovers allow infinite adjustment of shock rebound damper rates to regulate vehicle pitch and roll behavior for ride comfort (compression is not adjustable)
      # 11988701
    • KW Suspensions®Clubsport Coilover Lowering Kit
      $3,749.99from $2,999.99
      Subaru WRX Sedan Except STI 2002, Clubsport Coilover Lowering Kit with 0.8"-2.0" Front and Rear Body Drop by KW Suspensions®, 2-Way Adjustable. Threaded Struts Adjust Front and Rear Height. For more serious racetrack use, KW...
      ClubSport 2-way and 3-way coilover sets are available (includes 4 for front and rear)2-way coilovers offer manual control of both compression and rebound rates
      # 11985742
    • ST Suspensions®Coilover Lowering Kit
      Subaru WRX 2002, Coilover Lowering Kit by ST Suspensions®. This is a set of front and rear twin-tube coilovers with adjustable ride height created for the enthusiast who appreciates performance street driving. One adjustment knob...
      Set of 4 complete coilover assemblies for the front and rear of your vehicleDesigned for a higher level of ride comfort, retaining a comfortable spring rate with effective harmonic damping
      # 12524553
    • Eibach®Pro Lowering Kit
      $230.20from $184.16
      Subaru WRX 2002, Pro Lowering Kit by Eibach®. This is the Pro System kit replacement performance-oriented coil springs, shock absorbers, and bump stops. “Plus” kits add front and rear sway bars, and some include end links...
      Designed for the enthusiast who prefers a civilized boost of their vehicle’s street handling abilities with the looks of a lower ride heightIncludes a set of sport springs, bump stops, shock absorbers
      # 7606883
    • Eibach®Pro-Spacer Kit
      $70.65from $56.52
      Subaru WRX 2002, Pro-Spacer Kit by Eibach®. Includes: 2 Spacers and all Necessary Mounting Hardware. When you need to position your wheels further outward for a more aggressive look or to clear wheel well liners, Eibach wheel...
      Spacer pieces allow more outboard placement of wheels for an aggressive look that reduces gap between tire and fenderSpacers provide more clearance away from wheel well liners to avoid rubbing issues wide tires may have after lowering springs and shocks are installed
      # 7608527