PowerStop® JBR957XPR - Vented Drilled and Slotted Front Rotors (294mm OD, PCD: 5x100)

2002 Subaru WRX
Image may not reflect your exact vehicle! PowerStop® - Vented Drilled and Slotted Front RotorsImage may not reflect your exact vehicle! PowerStop® - Vented Drilled and Slotted Front RotorsPowerStop® - Vented Drilled and Slotted Front RotorsPowerStop® - Warranty InformationPowerStop® - Products FeaturesPowerStop® - Evolution Tru Cast Drilled and Slotted RotorsPowerStop Authorized DealerPowerStop Special Offers
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Subaru WRX 2002-2003, Vented Drilled and Slotted Front Rotors (JBR957XPR) by PowerStop® Outside Diameter: 294mm, PCD: 5x100. You don’t need to decide whether to use cross drilled or slotted rotors. Power Stop offers these high-quality rotors with both technologies, as well as OEM-style internal venting. Improve convective cooling with cross drilling, and performance in panic stops with slots. 2-year/24,000 mile manufacturer limited warranty on the rotors and pads being sold separately.

Fitment Notes: Fits models manufactured in Japan.

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  • Cross drilled holes keep brake rotors up to 180°F cooler
  • Slots sweep a clear contact patch between the pad and the rotor
  • Increased braking performance under extreme heat and in the rain
  • Internally vented
  • Reduces fade
  • Looks great behind custom (or factory) wheels
  • G3000 grade cast iron
  • Silver zinc finish
  • 2-year/24,000 mile manufacturer limited warranty on the rotors and pads being sold separately

Power Stop combines the best of two technologies by cross-drilling and slotting. Don’t try to reuse your old discs, even if they still have enough meat on them after refinishing them to meet minimum thickness specifications. A thinner disc is a disc that has less mass. And it takes lots of mass to dissipate heat in a hurry, so get a pair of Power Stop vented, drilled, slotted discs at the same time. Mass soaks up heat quickly during a panic stop, but it takes surface area and moving air to keep the rotors cool on a long downhill or in heavy stop-and-go traffic. Cross-drilling a disc adds surface area for improved cooling, but it also makes a dramatic improvement in braking performance in the rain. Cross drilling keeps water from wedging between the pad and disc surface, making the pad hydroplane, which severely affects braking ability.

Slotting does help some in the rain, although it has other advantages. During a high-speed stop, especially with a trailer or heavy load, the organic binders in the pad material will literally boil. This is normal; the problem is that the outgassing binder turns the pad into a hot little air-hockey puck that barely touches the disc surface. It rides on a pocket of outgassing binder, keeping the pad from contacting a normal, unslotted disc. Slots sweep the gases away, letting you glide to a normal stop in time instead of running that red light at the bottom of the hill with both feet standing on the brake pedal.

Power Stop rotors use only the finest blanks and feature G3000 grade cast iron from the best foundries. Most foundries lower carbon content to increase tensile strength and hardness. Power Stop rotors have a carbon content that is 3% more than competitive brands, while maintaining a 210 Brinell hardness and 250 MPa tensile strength. The cast iron’s microstructure is an ideal homogenous matrix of perlitic and graphite flakes. All drilled and slotted rotors (except for hub rotor assemblies) are silver zinc plated to resist rust. Some competitors use cadmium plating that is highly toxic, and a significant cancer risk. Cadmium is banned in Europe and with all major vehicle manufacturers.

Brand: PowerStop       Part Number: JBR957XPR       UPC: 792088560988 This part is compatible with 32 vehicle(s)
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Founded in 1997 in Southern California, PowerStop began with the goal of bringing the benefits of superior brake components at a reasonable cost to amateur racing and backyard performance enthusiasts everywhere. Company management and engineers believed then, as they do today, that better brakes make driving more enjoyable and safer for any vehicle, terrain, and driving style – not just racing. They developed a philosophy that while brake components cannot be superior without the most advanced materials, they also cannot perform in a superior fashion without matching the exact tolerances of each and every individual vehicle they are created for. Relentless development and testing led to brake pads, rotors, drum shoes, and other related components that delivered uncompromising fit and operation, and Power Stop’s customer base grew exponentially from positive word of mouth. The company still has its original passion for creating the best products at the best possible prices, so when it comes to replacement brake components for your vehicle, Power Stop is the only name you need to know.

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