2002 Ford Taurus Shocks and Struts

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      $140.43from $112.34 - $121.35
      Ford Taurus 2002, Quick-Strut™ Complete Strut Assembly by Monroe®. 1 per Pack. This innovative replacement strut comes complete and ready to install. All of the most common wear parts are included so you’ll not only save...
      Preassembled and ready to installSaves time and increases your safety – no need to disassemble components and compress the coil spring
      # 17909607
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      Ford Taurus Sedan 2002, Econo-Matic™ Rear Complete Strut Assembly by Monroe®, 1 per Pack. Length: 16" Compressed, 21.875" Extended with 5.875" Stroke. Body Length: 15.875". This ready-to-install complete strut assembly includes...
      Economical price and easy installationComes fully assembled and ready to install
      # 17929505
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      $133.10from $106.48 - $123.95
      Ford Taurus 2002, Strut-Plus™ Suspension Strut and Coil Spring Assembly by KYB®. Restore your vehicle's original ride, handling, and control capabilities with this ready-to-install assembly that doesn't require a spring...
      Designed to restore the original ride control and ride height performance including common wear parts like the strut mount bearingFully assembled
      # 41313022
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      $91.80from $73.44 - $75.41
      Ford Taurus 2002, Replacement Complete Strut Assembly by Unity®, Sold Individually. Difficulty Installation Rating: High. This is one single side complete strut assembly that matches original equipment quality and ride height. It...
      One single side complete strut assembly that matches original equipment design and ride heightComes fully assembled with all new parts
      # 15862450
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      Ford Taurus Wagon 2002, Gas-a-Just™ Rear Shock Absorber by KYB®, 1 per Pack. Go with Gas-a-Just shocks and struts and experience greater stability, handling, and control over twin-tube designs. Whether your vehicle is originally...
      Replacement for an OE monotube shock to restore/keep the vehicle's original performance characteristicsIdeal as an upgrade from an OE twin-tube for quicker, more responsive handling and control
      # 17797806
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      $34.73from $27.78 - $53.49
      Ford Taurus 2002, Excel-G™ Series Shocks and Struts by KYB®. Restore your vehicle's original performance for normal driving conditions with the Excel-G twin-tube gas hydraulic shocks and struts that offer additional damping force...
      Designed to restore original handling and controlCalibrated to compensate for age and miles driven
      # 17810466
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      $39.43from $31.54 - $36.59
      Ford Taurus Wagon 2002, Bare Struts by Unity®. Complimenting our line of complete strut assemblies to offer full suspension solutions for the entire vehicle.
      Offering now over 300 SKU’s covering over 3000 applicationsCovering ALL of the premium movers
      # 15862441
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      $38.48from $30.78 - $57.54
      Ford Taurus 2002, Sensa-Trac™ Shocks and Struts by Monroe®. 1 per Pack. These shock absorbers are designed to adjust to changing road conditions providing improved control and performance. Monroe offers Twin tube shocks, struts...
      Provide the correct level of suspension damping for the particular surface and weightTwin-tube or monotube design
      # 17911847
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      $24.45from $19.56 - $46.35
      Ford Taurus 2002, Monro-Matic Plus™ Shocks and Struts by Monroe®. 1 per Pack. Nitrogen gas charged Monro-Matic Plus shocks and struts feature VPV (velocity proportional valving) and innovative all weather fluid. They offer...
      An ideal balance of comfort and control for any driving conditionImproved ride at an economical price
      # 17924142
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      Universal Shock Boot by Rugged Ridge®. The Jeep is the original high performance off-road machine, built to perform under the most grueling conditions. But even though it's a capable machine right from the factory, performance...
      Engineered and trail tested exclusively for JeepsOver 3000 products
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