2002 Chevy Camaro Ignition Coils

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      $48.31from $38.65 - $57.51
      Chevy Camaro 2002, Direct Ignition Coil - Coil on Plug by Denso®. A leader in direct ignition technology, Denso developed the auto industry's first compact stick-type ignition coil. The space-saving design, since adopted by many of...
      Improved coil efficiency reduces the need to generate high voltageDriving circuit is integrated into top of coil
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      $46.81from $37.45 - $38.76
      Chevy Camaro 2002, Ignition Coil by Delphi®. Help ensure fast starts, consistent engine performance and optimized fuel efficiency with Delphi ignition coils. Delphi makes more than 10 million ignition coils for North America each...
      Designed and endurance tested to resist the common stresses that cause failureEfficient coil design that ensures the power in the coil has a streamlined path to the spark plug
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      Chevy Camaro 3.8L 2002, Ignition Coil by Beck Arnley®, with Coil Pack. With Ignition Coil Pack. For one hundred years, Beck/Arnley has been providing premium OE quality parts for vehicles. Beginning with motorcycle parts in 1914...
      OE quality products from top original equipmentTop quality materials
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      Chevy Camaro 3.8L 2002, Central Ignition Coil by Prenco®. Is your vehicle hard to start? Does it miss under load and idle rough? Is your gas mileage not what it used to be? Your ignition system may need repair, but before you waste...
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