2001 Infiniti I30 Performance Chips

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    2010 Ford Mustang
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    "This Superchips programmer is a must have. It gave my car nearly 30 more HP and torque. I did also add a K&N cold air intake to go along with the programmer. I can tell the difference in speed, and my MPG is at about 20 mpg, which is a 4-5 mpg gain from what I initially had. Just a final note, don't fall for those scams that say you can increase horsepower up to 50+ for a low cheap price, they don't work. If you want true gains, it will cost more than 100 bucks. But overall, this is my second CAI and Superchips combo, and I am completely satisfied."

    2012 Chevy Silverado
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    "I had no problems installing Superchips. I have seen a marked improvement in my gas mileage around town and have not been out on the road to check its performance in that situation. I'm very pleased with the product as of now. Jeff Glenn"

    2009 Chrysler 300
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    "All in all, the Superchip's Vivid Linq is good but limited on choices for programming. I really like the Bluetooth feature as I have a Galaxy Note II (huge screen). Even though you can use any Android device i.e. tablets, I just didn't like the limitations on the parameters for adjustments. Nice set up just not enough for me to keep it..."

    1999 Dodge Ram
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    "I recently got the Edge Evolution and I enjoy it a lot, it's really got for showing Gauges. If noticed my performance went up a little quicker response times."

    2004 Dodge Ram
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    "The tuner wad easy to install but didn't make that big of a difference, a little horse power but nothing for fuel mileage so far."

    In 2001 Infiniti I30 was available in the following models:
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