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2001 Ford Mustang
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Ford Mustang GT Bullitt V8 4.6L 2001, Caster Camber Plate by Hotchkis®. Includes: Special Strut Boots, Bump Stops, Hardware and Instructions. This is a set of 2 replacement plates for the top of your MacPherson type struts that allow a more extreme level of adjustment for camber and caster than cam bolts. Excellent if your vehicle ride height has been dropped. Provides ability to slide the top of your strut in four directions to adjust all wheel angles as needed. Crafted from aircraft grade aluminum for high strength and rigidity, with complete freedom from corrosion. Special strut boots, bump stops, hardware are included.

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  • Set of 2 replacement plates for the top of your MacPherson type struts
  • Allows a more extreme level of adjustment for camber and caster than cam bolts do
  • Preferred application if vehicle ride height has been dropped
  • Corrects negative wheel camber that is a normal result of lowering vehicle suspension
  • Restores inwardly tilting wheels back to a more upright position which maintains a larger contact patch of rubber on the road
  • Crafted from aircraft grade aluminum for high strength and rigidity, with complete freedom from corrosion
  • TIG welded strut hats increase strut travel
  • Strut boots, bump stops, hardware are included
  • Enhances high speed stability and reduces wandering
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty
  • Manufactured in the United States

Fitment Note: Use of Delta Plates on Coil-Over Equipped Models is not Recommended.

On most modern vehicles, lowering your suspension will tilt the wheels inward at the top as they follow a circular pivot path (negative camber). Raising it will do the opposite, and result in positive camber. Typically, a one-inch drop can lead to -.75 degrees of camber. A two-inch drop changes camber by -1.5 degrees, and a three-inch drop can result in -2.0 or more degrees of change. When camber is excessively positive, your vehicle handles poorly and gets pulled from side to side by ruts in the road easily. When camber is negative, you’re operating on a fraction of your tire surface. While racers set their camber negatively so wheels flatten out around extreme turns at triple-digit speeds, they also count the thousands of miles until their tires wear out instead of ten-thousands. Caster is how vertical your control arms position the strut, and that affects steering, handling, and tire wear as well.

Hotchkis Caster Camber Plates are designed for your lowered vehicle, and replace the top metal plates at the top of MacPherson type strut assemblies. They’re specifically designed to be moved and repositioned to a greater extent, giving you more adjustability over both camber and caster than shim plates provide. Once the kit is installed, it restores wheels from an excessive inward tilt at the top to a more upright position for better grip, handling, and safety under any driving conditions. You’ll get your tires straight on the ground again and keep them riding flat to maintain a proper contact patch over any terrain. Hotchkis believes high-performance parts are nothing without durability, and takes great care to ensure all components are built to maintain their integrity over sustained, heavy-duty use. To provide complete freedom from corrosion, Hotchkis uses aircraft grade aluminum that supplies maximum strength and rigidity you can rely on. All components are built in the United States and backed with a 3-year warranty against failure due to manufacturing defects.

Brand: Hotchkis       Part Number: 3002 This part is compatible with 8 vehicle(s)
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Founded in Santa Fe Springs, California in the late 1960s during the height of the original muscle car boom, Hotchkis Sport Suspension got its start building products that blessed GM, Mopar, and Ford performance cars with new abilities to corner and handle with stability at racetrack speeds. As the company’s reputation for building quality products grew, Hotchkis components soon found their way onto all kinds of vehicles that were not made to go fast in any way, shape, or form. It didn’t take long before station wagons, convertibles, and pickup trucks were wheeling around tracks all over southern California with the tenacity of sports cars. After decades of developing suspension-enhancing products that have led to victories in championship racing events, slalom track competitions, and street challenges, Hotchkis has refined and perfected their manufacturing techniques to become the internationally respected company they are today. In 2013, Hotchkis opened a second facility in North Carolina which allows them to perform R&D on multiple platforms simultaneously, fabricate products for a greater number of racing applications, and offer suspension installation services. CARiD is proud to offer the best values you’ll find on a full range of Hotchkis sport coil springs that lower your vehicle’s center of gravity to add resposiveness, tubular sway bars that optimize chassis balance, control, and stability, rear suspension packages that dramatically improve traction during launch and cornering, and much more.

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