2001 Chevy Silverado Turbochargers

    • aFe® BladeRunner Intercooler Tube
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      # 924703
      Chevy Silverado New Body 6.6L DSL 2001, BladeRunner Intercooler Tube by aFe®. Increase horsepower and reduce exhaust gas temperature with the aFe BladeRunner Intercooler Tube. The BladeRunner will outflow your factory tube by a...
    • Mr. Gasket® Nitrile Rubber Intake Gasket
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      # 12305382
      Chevy Silverado 4.3L CPI 2001, Nitrile Rubber Intake Gasket by Mr. Gasket®. You won't find a more perfect way to make your vehicle look better and drive faster than with the top-notch Mr. Gasket products. That is the only stop you...
    • Mishimoto® Aluminum Intercooler
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      # 15874776
      Chevy Silverado 6.6L 2001, Front Aluminum Intercooler by Mishimoto®. Construction: Bar-and-Plate. Overall Size: 45.6" x 23.4" x 8.2". Core Size: 38.27" x 18.86". Inlet: 3.00". Outlet: 3.00". Core Thickness: 2.05". Tank Wall...