2000 Ford F-150 MAF Sensors

    • Dorman®Mass Air Flow Sensor
      $89.88from $71.90
      Ford F-150 2000, Mass Air Flow Sensor by Dorman®. Save time, money, and labor by replacing only the MAF sensor instead of the entire mass air flow assembly. Constructed with the latest design improvements and to precisely match OE...
      Constructed from high-quality materials to successfully resist damage from extreme underhood temperatures and environmental factors, such as humidityDirect fit for a trouble-free replacement
      # 34242163
    • Cardone®Mass Air Flow Sensor
      $80.35from $64.28
      Ford F-150 2000, Mass Air Flow Sensor by Cardone®.
      50-state emissions street legalThe finest quality at a great price
      # 35565529
    • Motorcraft®Remanufactured Mass Air Flow Sensor
      $84.46from $67.57
      Ford F-150 2000, Remanufactured Mass Air Flow Sensor by Motorcraft®. If you're looking for the most suitable replacement for a defective mass air flow sensor, Motorcraft is the way to go. It is the only MAF sensor recommended by...
      Direct OEM replacement for proper fitBuilt to strict Ford Motor Company specifications
      # 23879551
    • Delphi®Mass Air Flow Sensor
      $104.96from $83.97
      Ford F-150 2000, Mass Air Flow Sensor by Delphi®. Delphi MAF sensors provide the engine control module (ECM) with continuous information regarding how much — and how fast — air is entering the engine. This ensures optimal...
      Extensive coverageAvailable in a variety of bore diameters to accommodate a wide range of airflow, resulting in a robust design for electrical overloads
      # 24574800
    • JET®Power-Flo™ Mass Air Flow Sensor
      Ford F-150 Gas 4.6L / 5.4L 2000, Power-Flo™ Mass Air Flow Sensor by JET®. Increase Horsepower And Low End Torque. Improved Mileage. Simple 10 Minute Installation. No Other Vehicle Modifications Required. Optimizes Cold Air...
      # 13546496
    • Hitachi®New Air Mass Sensor
      $226.55from $181.24
      Ford F-150 2000, New Air Mass Sensor by Hitachi®. This product by Hitachi is designed using the latest electronic-sensing and control technology to provide precise measurement of the air volume for optimum control of the air/fuel...
      # 7673760