1999 Lincoln Navigator Air Suspension

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      Lincoln Navigator 1999, Air Suspension Sensor Connector by Dorman®. 2-Wire. This is an aftermarket part that replaces factory OE # 3U2Z14S411VBA. Dorman offers a comprehensive line of Air Suspension Sensor Connectors for a wide...
      Direct replacement for a proper fitReplacement restores drivability
      # 34228571
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      $33.09from $26.47 - $246.02
      Lincoln Navigator 1999, Air Suspension Systems by Westar®. Westar is a widely recognized manufacturer and exporter of rubber to metal bonded parts for all types of trucks and automobiles. Every single product goes through countless...
      Non re-manufacturedBuild with brand new rubber to ensure the life of air spring
      # 22592677
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      Lincoln Navigator 1999, Air Spring Solenoid by Suncore®. Air Spring Solenoid; Front or Rear.
      # 14251736
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      Lincoln Navigator 1999, Suspension Air Compressor by Suncore®.
      # 14253243
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      Lincoln Navigator 1999, Suspension Air Compressor Drier by Suncore®. Suspension Air Compressor Dryer; New.
      # 14251525
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      Lincoln Navigator 1999, Suspension Air Compressor Kit by Suncore®. 4 Wheel Air Susp Rplcmnt.
      # 14253247
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      $355.31from $284.25 - $291.75
      Lincoln Navigator 1999, Suspension Air Spring Kit by Suncore®. Air Spring Kit; Incl. 2 Air Springs.
      # 14253253
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      $139.64from $111.71 - $189.39
      Lincoln Navigator 1999, OE Replacement Air Suspension by Arnott®. Arnott offers completely new and rebuilt air suspension struts, shocks, and springs designed to match the fine tolerances of original equipment. New Arnott parts are...
      Air springs, struts, and shocks are sold individually (not as a set) for front and rear applicationsArnott sources many components from the same name brand companies that vehicle manufacturers used to build original OEM parts with
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      $232.00from $185.60 - $548.50
      Lincoln Navigator RWD 1999, Airjack Kit by Belltech®. This is a set of two rear secondary air support springs designed for trucks that have already been lowered from 2 to 4 inches. Together, they add 2,500 pounds of leveling...
      Restores level ride height and 2,500 pounds of carrying capacity lost due to heavy loads or reduced suspension travelBasic kit includes 2 secondary air support springs, mounting brackets, air lines, and all hardware
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      $204.98from $163.98 - $218.00
      Lincoln Navigator 1999, Rear Coil Spring Conversion Kit by Arnott®. Replace worn and aged air suspension springs that are no longer reliable with simple, worry-free metal coil springs. Coil springs feature a variable spring rate...
      Set coil springs and shock absorbers designed to bolt directly in place of existing air springs with no modifications necessary to your vehicleEliminate worry of failing air suspension parts which can leave you stranded with extremely costly repair bills
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      $255.21from $204.17 - $205.64
      Lincoln Navigator 1999, Front and Rear Air to Coil Springs Conversion Kit by Monroe®. This kit is designed to convert an electronic or air suspension system to a non-electronic/non-air conventional suspension system. Every Monroe...
      Economical alternative to expensive air ride or electronic suspension system repairsConverts factory-style air ride or electronic suspension to conventional suspension
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      $182.81from $146.25 - $356.25
      Lincoln Navigator 1999, Passive Suspension Conversion Kit by Suncore®.
      # 14253257
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      $223.69from $178.95 - $419.95
      Universal 12 Volt Air Compressors by Air Lift®. Air Lift offers 2-stage, 12-volt air compressors for all needs and budgets. Choose smaller ones for basic load leveling needs, or choose a set of two paired compressors to fill large...
      Dual Viair 450C, 400C, 380C, and 480C kits come with an air line extension and separate brackets for remote mountingAll compressors operate on standard 12-volt automotive electrical systems
      # 7611197
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      $968.75from $775.00 - $1,375.00
      Universal Air Management Systems by Air Lift®. Air Lift offers a wide variety of complete kits with everything needed to set up an air suspension system. Springs are not included, however these systems will work with your choice of...
      Kits contain air compressor(s), reserve tank, gauges, control switches, and all related hardware and air lines needed for installationAir springs are not included in Air Management System kits
      # 7658376
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      $93.29from $74.63 - $132.65
      Universal Air Tanks by Air Lift®. Enhance the inflation speed and performance of your air springs with a reserve of air compressed to 150 psi stored in any of Air Lift’s reinforced steel Air Tanks. Available in sizes from 2...
      Crafted from high-strength, reinforced traditional steelEnsure a reserve of compressed air for springs to inflate instantly, at a faster rate
      # 7611053
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      $41.19from $32.95 - $74.50
      Universal Lock-N-Lift™ Air Spring Spacer by Air Lift®. Air Lift air spring spacers feature a height of 2 inches each, and their modular design allows one or multiple spacers to stack and achieve the exact amount of lift desired...
      Sold in sets of two for left and right sides of your vehicleEach round spacer block has a 2-inch height
      # 7579892
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      Universal Polyurethane Air Bag Cradle by Daystar®. Polyurethane Air Bag Cradle by Daystar®. For 4x4s with add-on air suspension systems, this is a set of two cradle pieces that sit underneath the air suspension bellow bags. They...
      # 4133693