1997 Jeep Wrangler Motor Oil & Additives

    • Royal Purple®XPR™ Extreme Performance Racing Oil
      $242.28from $193.82
      XPR™ Multi-Grade Extreme Performance Racing Oil by Royal Purple®. It's formulated to satisfy the demands of multi-platform racing environments. The oil is combined with additional performance enhancers to create a one-of-a-kind...
      Greater wear protection on start-upEnsures maximum horsepower and torque
      # 12156146
    • Royal Purple®API-Licensed High Performance Motor Oil
      $117.96from $94.37
      API-Licensed High Performance Motor Oil by Royal Purple®. Upgrade your engine fluid to Royal Purple. This oil greatly contributes to increased horsepower and torque while improving fuel efficiency. Besides, the oil delivers...
      # 12156165
    • Royal Purple®Break-in Oil
      Break-in Oil by Royal Purple®. This is a case of 12 x 32-ounce bottles. It's formulated to allow for proper ring seal and defend the camshaft and valve train from initial start-up wear. This product offers a combination of a super...
      Perfect for flat-tappet and roller enginesImproves engine performance
      # 12156246
    • Royal Purple®HPS™ Multi-Grade High Performance Street Motor Oil
      HPS™ Multi-Grade High Performance Street Motor Oil by Royal Purple®. It's specially formulated for those seeking a higher level of performance and outstanding protection for their engine. The oil improves the condition of...
      Improves performanceOptimizes fuel economy
      # 12156262
    • Loctite®Silver Anti-Seize Lubricant
      $4.13from $3.30
      Silver Anti-Seize Lubricant by Loctite®. Fortified with graphite and metallic flake, this heavy-duty, petroleum-based lubricant is used during assembly to prevent seizing, galling, and corrosion. It is formulated to withstand...
      Prevents seizing, galling, and corrosionProtects metal parts to 1600°F
      # 24683325
    • Loctite®Dielectric Tune-Up Grease
      $4.28from $3.42
      Dielectric Tune-Up Grease by Loctite®. This premium product lubricates and forms a protective barrier that prevents moisture, salt, and dirt from damaging and corroding electrical connections and wiring. Required for use on modern...
      OEM specified for use on high energy ignitionsPrevents spark plug boot damage
      # 24766506
    • Loctite®Copper Anti-Seize Lubricant
      $4.97from $3.86
      Copper Anti-Seize Lubricant by Loctite®. This reliable copper anti-seize and thread lubricant prevents seizing, corrosion, and galling on parts exposed to high temperature environments to 1800°F. After using this product, you'll...
      Protects metal parts under extreme conditions of heatTemperature range from -30°F to +1800°F
      # 24683318