1997 Jeep Wrangler Ignition Coils

    • Standard® - Tru-Tech™ Ignition Coil
      Jeep TJ / Wrangler 1997, Tru-Tech™ Ignition Coil by Standard®, Use 1 per Car. Type Connection: In Back of Manifold, Male. Includes: Ignition Coil. 12 Volt. Square Coil. Terminal Type: Pin. Is your vehicle hard to start? Does it miss under load...
      Our price: $24.16$24.16 20% OFF
    • Delphi® - Ignition Coil
      Jeep Wrangler 1997, Ignition Coil by Delphi®. Help ensure fast starts, consistent engine performance and optimized fuel efficiency with Delphi ignition coils. Delphi makes more than 10 million ignition coils for North America each year, and each...
      Our price: $34.34 - $41.53$34.34 20% OFF
    • Prenco® - Central Ignition Coil
      Jeep Wrangler 1997, Central Ignition Coil by Prenco®. Early vehicles may have Coils with Spade type Connectors. It will be necessary to adapt to the current Pin type Connectors. Is your vehicle hard to start? Does it miss under load and idle...
      Our price: $37.86$37.86 20% OFF

    Customer Reviews
    2000 Jeep Cherokee
    Posted by

    "Many of my car friends warned me about getting these for reasons like the engine running hotter and rougher instead of smoother due to the increased spark. I, however, believed they'd do my older engine good so I bought a set and paired them with some Taylor racing wires. I saw a noticeable increase in throttle response, start time, idle quality, and maybe a smidgeon of power gain. Overall, way worth the upgrade!"