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1996 Toyota Previa
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1996 Toyota Previa
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Toyota Previa 1996-1997, Radiator by Spectra Premium®. The radiator is a heat exchanger that transfers heat from your engine to the air flowing through the fins. If it’s damaged your engine could overheat. Before you end up with expensive engine repairs, replace your radiator with this OE quality product from Spectra Premium.

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  • Built with high density fins for maximum cooling efficiency
  • OE design to ensure exact fit, form, and function
  • Tested in an endurance simulator to ensure OE quality and function
  • Subjected to an aging test in order to validate its performance under extreme weather conditions
  • Gasket and O-rings are thermal shocked to ensure durability in extreme cold weather
  • Includes installation guidelines, OE hardware, and fittings required for installation
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001quality assurance standards

An engine develops considerable heat during operation. Some of this heat is used to create the energy that moves the vehicle and some goes out the tailpipe, but the remainder is transferred to the metal parts of the engine. This heat must be removed or serious engine damage can result. Coolant circulating through the engine absorbs the heat and releases it to the air as the coolant passes through the radiator. The radiator consists of an inlet and outlet tank with tubes in between through which the coolant flows. Fins attached to the tubes transfer the heat from the coolant to the air that is drawn through the radiator by the cooling fan or forced through when the vehicle is at speed. The radiator can become damaged and leak and/or lose its effectiveness. This can be caused by corrosion due to depleted antifreeze, using water with high mineral content, or electrolysis; physical damage that can cause punctures and crushed tubes and fins; and clogging due to neglected maintenance and the buildup of scale and debris from the cooling system.

A Spectra Premium radiator is your best choice for a replacement. Every radiator is carefully designed and validated to ensure fit, form and function. Only the highest grade materials are used in production and each unit is 100% leak tested. Plastic end tanks are made heavy-duty with reinforcing ribs to prevent flexing and failure and high quality aluminum alloy is used for optimum crimp strength. This radiator is built with thermal shocked gasket and O-rings to provide durability in extreme cold weather and subjected to an aging and endurance test to ensure long-lasting durability. The component comes with installation guidelines, OE hardware, and fittings for installation.

Brand: Spectra Premium       Part Number: CU1749       UPC: 671607708226 This part is compatible with 5 vehicle(s)
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Spectra Premium was founded in 1989 and grew into one of the leading manufacturers of radiators, heaters, condensers, oil pans, filler necks, fuel tanks, etc. for passenger cars and heavy-duty vehicles. With its 17 locations and 1200 employees, the company exceeds the highest expectations of its clients by employing strategies of continuous improvement, progressive engineering, and product validation to the manufacture of its products. Spectra Premium has quality certifications such as ISO 9001:2000 | FM 65146, ISO/TS-16949:2002 | TS506759, ISO 14001:2004 | CA05/3605/E, and ISO 9001:2008 | FM 70893 that cover design and manufacture of fuel system, oil pan and radiator components as well as aluminum radiators and tooling for the automotive and heavy duty markets.

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