1996 Ford F-150 Off-Road Bumpers

    • N-FAB®Pre-Runner
      Ford F-150 1996, Pre-Runner by N-FAB®. This Pre-runner style light bar not only gives you a place to mount three 8- or 9-inch auxiliary lights, it provides a modest amount of protection for the lights and your grille.
      # 10029091
    • Iron Cross®Front Bumper
      $1,249.50from $999.60
      Ford F-150 1996, Front Bumper by Iron Cross®. This bumper is the ultimate in rugged design and function. It will give your truck a tough, off-road look and provide maximum protection from debris on the road. The product is made of...
      Structurally strong but lightweight design prevents suspension fatigueCNC laser cut
      # 15845411
    • Road Armor®Front Bumper with Pre-Runner Guard
      Ford F-150 1996, Front Bumper with Pre-Runner Guard by Road Armor®, Satin Black. Recessed light pods for dual 4" diameter lights, fully welded front and back shackle mounts standard, winch mount to house up to a 12k non-integrated...
      # 14187862
    • Tow Ready®Tow Hook
      $14.65from $11.72
      Universal 10000 lbs Tow Hook by Tow Ready®. Sometimes you just need someplace to hook on. Here's an assortment of hooks, eyes and rings for attaching ropes, cables and straps to your truck or trailer. Lifetime warranty.
      Forged steel constructionFor attaching straps, ropes or chains while recovering vehicles
      # 3727573
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    The purpose of automobile bumpers is to protect functional and cosmetic areas of the car from damage during low-speed impacts. For many decades, bumpers were heavy chrome-plated steel bars bolted onto a vehicle's front and rear. Today's vehicles still have an actual metal bumper beam, but it's structural only and lighter in weight. A plastic piece known as a bumper...
    A winch can be an extremely useful tool while exploring off-road trails far from civilization, rescuing another vehicle while cruising on the beach, or landscaping in your own back yard. All winches are given a pull rating – which determines the amount of weight that the unit can safely pull. A generally accepted formula is to choose a winch that is rated for at...