Arnott® - Coil Spring Conversion Kit

1995 Land Rover Range Rover
Arnott® - Coil Spring Conversion KitArnott® - Coil Spring Conversion KitArnott® - Coil Spring Conversion KitArnott® - Coil Spring Conversion KitArnott® - 1" Aluminum SpacersArnott® - 2" Aluminum SpacersArnott® - Polyurethane Bump Stop KitArnott Authorized Dealer
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Land Rover Range Rover 4.0L 1995, Coil Spring Conversion Kit by Arnott®. Replace worn and aged air suspension springs that are no longer reliable with simple, worry-free metal coil springs. Coil springs feature a variable spring rate that provides a softer, more comfortable ride that progresses to a firmer ride during aggressive driving or when vehicle load increases. Traditional gas shock absorbers that match OE specifications are included, and all parts are designed to bolt right on to your vehicle without modifications. Black powder coat finish resists chips and corrosion.

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Arnott® - Coil Spring Conversion KitArnott® - Coil Spring Conversion KitArnott® - Coil Spring Conversion Kit

Coil Spring Conversion Kit

Coil Spring Conversion Kit by Arnott®. Includes: Variable Rate Powder Coated Springs, Upper Rubber Isolators, Lower Spring Seats, CNC Machined Aluminum Adapters, All Necessary Hardware, Installtion Instructions, Instructions to Disarm Error Messages. Arnott has revolutionized the industry once again with our exclusive conversion kit. Elite coil spring kit delivers a seamless and error-free conversion of your vichicle suspension system. You can finally enjoy your car without worrying about failing air suspension parts, leaving you stranded with expensive and recurring maintenance problems.

Notes: 4 Wheel Kit.

Arnott® - Coil Spring Conversion Kit Installation Instruction

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Arnott® - 1 Aluminum Spacers

Aluminum Spacers

Aluminum Spacers by Arnott®. Designed for Arnott coil spring conversion kits, this set of fou aluminum spacer pieces provides one per wheel. Spacers install underneath the bottom spring perch plates to add height and maintain your vehicle’s original level of suspension height and travel. T6 Aluminum construction ensures high strength, low weight, and freedom from corrosion.

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    Arnott® - Polyurethane Bump Stop KitArnott® - Polyurethane Bump Stop Kit

    Polyurethane Bump Stop Kit

    Polyurethane Bump Stop Kit by Arnott®. Includes: 4 Bumpstops. This is a set of 4 cushioning polyurethane shock absorber bump stops that prevent hard shocks and damage when the end of shock absorber travel is reached. Upgrade and replace your original degraded rubber bump stops with durable polyurethane construction that resists deterioration from road grime, oil leaks, and salt slush. Includes 4 bump stops.

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    • Set coil springs and shock absorbers designed to bolt directly in place of existing air springs with no modifications necessary to your vehicle
    • Eliminate worry of failing air suspension parts which can leave you stranded with extremely costly repair bills
    • Black powder coat provides durable finish that is resistant to chips, corrosion, and paint flaking
    • Coil springs feature a variable spring rate that provides a softer, more comfortable ride that progresses to a firmer ride during aggressive driving or when vehicle load increases
    • Kit also includes a pair of OE equivalent replacement shocks
    • Depending on vehicle application, new rubber spring pads may be included for superior vibration dampening
    • Conversion kit does not come with any provisions to bypass and disable suspension warning lights once original equipment is removed
    • Manufactured in the United States
    • Arnott offers a limited lifetime warranty for North American customers on suspension components. Orders outside of North America come with a 2-year warranty

    While air suspension systems offer numerous benefits, they consist of complex designs with a variety of added parts that can wear out and fail. The system may show early warning signs of a problem such as vehicle ride height dropping overnight, or it may catastrophically fail - leaving your vehicle resting so low against bump stops that it cannot be driven. Whether your vehicle is sagging evenly or in just one corner, you’re facing a high cost for parts and labor to replace what has failed. Whether or not you can afford such repairs at the time they happen, the unfortunate truth is air suspension problems cannot be postponed or ignored.

    The rubber air bags, or air bellows, within air springs typically fail over time due to wet rot, old age, or excessive moisture buildup from within. Debris and rocks from the road can puncture air bags, and air lines can leak due to improper rubbing against the vehicle chassis or moving suspension components. Once there’s a leak, air compressors can burn out from overwork trying to maintain pressure in a leaky system. The dryer unit that removes moisture from within the system can become saturated and ineffective, leading to corrosion of parts from within.

    If you prefer the simplicity and maintenance-free nature of traditional metal coil springs and shock absorbers, Arnott offers conversion kits that let you remove your vehicle’s air springs and deactivate the rest of the system. Coil springs and shock absorbers are designed specifically for your make and model, and they are designed to bolt on right to the existing mounting points that your air springs formerly used. While you may lose some of the adaptability air suspension systems provide, Arnott’s coil springs feature a variable spring rate that provides a softer, more comfortable ride that progresses to a firmer ride under load - all completely without the help of complex electronics, motors, and pressurized air parts. Based on the design of your vehicle, your kit may include rubber spring pads or shims. Arnott backs Coil Spring Conversion Kit components with a limited lifetime warranty for North American customers, and a 2-year warranty on orders outside of North America.

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    Founded in Florida in 1989, Arnott Incorporated began with self-taught knowledge of air springs by a father and son team who performed repairs on air suspension systems on vehicles so equipped across their home state of Florida. Word of the Arnott’s mechanical expertise on air springs spread to a growing customer base eager to hire them, inspiring them to design and produce their own equipment, beginning in 1994. Since then, Arnott has continued to specialize in high quality components for air suspension components only, and faithfully builds all parts they sell to equal or greater levels of quality and durability than manufacturers do – matching or improving on the materials, design, and thickness of seals to name just a few things. Cost savings and great values come not from cheaper construction, lack of product testing, or cut-rate labor from questionable locations, but from the absence of markup that new car dealers and manufacturers subject customers to. Arnott proudly manufacturers and re-manufactures air springs and other suspension kits in the United States..

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