1995 Dodge Stealth Performance Exhaust Systems

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    • Flowmaster® Aluminized Steel S-Bend Pipes
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      # 469122
      Universal Aluminized Steel S-Bend Pipes by Flowmaster®, 6 Pieces. The mandrel formed S-bend pipes are approximately 36” long and simplify the routing and fabrication of custom exhaust systems. They are sold in packs with 6 pipes...
      Simplifies Routing and Fabrication of Custom Exhaust SystemsMade in Heavy Gauge Aluminized Steel
      $131.18 - $143.76
    • Flowmaster® Stainless Steel Mandrel-Bend Pipe
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      # 4135393
      Universal Stainless Steel Mandrel-Bend Pipe by Flowmaster®. It is essential that the diameter of an exhaust tube is kept constant through bends, to avoid obstructions to the gas flow. Fitting Flowmaster Mandrel Bends for transition...
      Constant Pipe Diameter Through BendMade in 16-Gauge Stainless Steel
      $41.92 - $56.62
    • Flowmaster® U-Fit Dual Pipe Kit
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      # 469100
      Universal U-Fit Dual Pipe Kit by Flowmaster®, 16 Pieces. These kits come complete with all the pipes you need to build a custom dual exhaust system in 2.25", 2.50" or 3.00" pipe diameters. They include the front adapter pipes,...
      Designed to Fit with Flowmaster MufflersCan be Used on All Vehicles
      $272.84 - $367.26
    • Flowmaster® Tailpipe Kit
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      # 469136
      Universal Tailpipe Kit by Flowmaster®, 4 Pieces. Flowmaster’s Universal Tailpipe Kits fit 90% of all Trucks, Vans and SUVs. They incorporate 12’ of aluminized mandrel bent tubing with deep slip-fit connections. Aligns for left,...
      Fit 90% of Trucks, Vans and SUVsAdaptable for Different Style Exits
      $94.44 - $141.66
    • Flowmaster® Scavenger Series Aluminized Steel Turn Down Pipes
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      # 469152
      Universal Aluminized Steel Turn Down Pipes by Flowmaster®, 1 Pair. The venture reducer cones from Flowmaster make for easy transition from one pipe diameter to another. They are 8.00" in length, made in 16 gauge aluminized tubing...
      Made of High Quality Materials Aluminized SteelSold In Pairs
      $46.49 - $51.20
    • Flowmaster® Scavenger Series Y-Collector
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      # 469150
      Universal Scavenger Series Y-Collector by Flowmaster®. The patented Scavenger Y-Collector is based on the principles of Pulse Technology. They are designed to harmonize the exhaust pulses from two cylinders that are at the opposite...
      Race Proven TechnologyPatented Design that Creates Low Pressure Zones for Better Scavenging
      $46.16 - $52.44
    • Flowmaster® Stainless Steel Straight Tube
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      # 4170075
      Universal Stainless Steel Straight Tube by Flowmaster®. This diameter by 48” long piece of stainless steel tubing is perfect for fabricating or modifying your exhaust system.
      409 stainless steelMore crack-resistant then 304 when welded
      $41.92 - $48.22
    • Flowmaster® Aluminized Steel Venturi Reducer Cones
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      # 467541
      Universal Aluminized Steel Venturi Reducer Cones by Flowmaster®. The venture reducer cones from Flowmaster make for easy transition from one pipe diameter to another. They are 8.00’ in length, made in 16 gauge aluminized tubing...
      Makes for Smooth Transition from Header Collector to Exhaust SystemSlip Fit for Easy Installation
      $27.26 - $29.58
    • Flowmaster® Aluminized Steel Header Collector Ball Flange Kit
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      # 468746
      Universal Aluminized Steel Header Collector Ball Flange Kit by Flowmaster®, Sold in Pairs. The Collector Ball Flange takes the place of the messy three-bolt connections and ensures a leak-free and connection. The ball type...
      Replaces Messy 3-Bolt Flange ConnectionEnsures Leak Free Connection
    • BTP® Exhaust Tip
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      # 66967869
      Universal Exhaust Tip by BTP®. This premium quality part by BTP helps your exhaust system to perform at its full efficiency as well as provide your vehicle with a more aggressive and powerful sound. This part is made from durable...
      Engineered to make your exhaust system perform at its peakProvides a powerful and aggressive sound
      $22.84 - $64.47
    • Eastern® Flex Pipe
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      # 17428341
      Universal Flex Pipe by Eastern Catalytic®. The product is perfect for absorbing vibration and movement in the exhaust system. Made of braided stainless steel, the flex pipe is also a shield from road debris that could get kicked up...
      Ensures leak-free connectionsDecreases engine noise and vibration
      $8.47 - $27.57
    • BTP® 8-Piece White Zinc Steel Hex Head Header Bolt Kit
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      # 66960336
      Universal 8-Piece White Zinc Steel Hex Head Header Bolt Kit by BTP®. These exhaust bolts are capable of withstanding the unique characteristics of your application to deliver the long-lasting durability you demand. Ensure your...
      Add more durability compared to rusted or broken originalsA great upgrade for a custom look
    • AutoLoc® Exhaust Flame Thrower Kit
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      # 9664042
      Exhaust Flame Thrower Kit by AutoLoc®. The exhaust flame thrower kit is a must have for all hot rods. This kit can make up to 20’ flames shoot out your exhaust on command.
      Remote activation buttonCase: plastic
      $99.99 - $199.00
    • Eastern® Cowbell
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      # 17428404
      Universal Cowbell by Eastern Catalytic®. If you need a quality cowbell connector because your factory part is damaged or rusted, Eastern Catalytic has the part you need. Constructed from OE spec materials, this product perfectly...
      Made of solid materialsOffered in the widest range of configurations
      $4.30 - $12.31