1993 Audi S4 Catalytic Converters

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    • Walker® Universal Fit Catalytic Converter
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      # 35446561
      Audi S4 1993, Universal Catalytic Converter by Walker®. This part features the correct load of precious metals to ensure the proper limitation of tailpipe emissions. It is designed to meet the EPA policy and emission reduction...
      Constructed to meet your vehicle’s specific emissions requirementsFeatures stainless steel body with aluminized steel pipe and heat shields
      $65.46 - $119.22
    • Flowmaster® 222 Series Stainless Steel Round Catalytic Converter
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      # 868973
      Audi S4 Federal Emission 1993, 222 Series Stainless Steel Round Catalytic Converter by Flowmaster®, 2" Inlet / 2" Outlet. 12.75" Length. 5" Width. Includes Heat Shield, 4 Bolt Flanges. Without Air Tube. The new Flowmaster...
      Exceed all federal emission standardsStainless Steel shells
    • Genuine® Exhaust Manifold Washer
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      # 8820325
      Audi S4 1993, Exhaust Manifold Washer by Genuine®. Is your car noisier these days? Can you smell exhaust fumes in the cabin? Exhaust system repairs should not be put off, both for safety and legal reasons, but before you waste your...
    • Eastern® Universal Fit Center Catalytic Converter
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      # 38838828
      Audi S4 1993, Universal Fit Center Standard Catalytic Converter by Eastern Catalytic®. 14" Overall Length. ECO CARB. 2" ID. 2" OD. Keep your exhaust emissions within specifications and your vehicle running in top condition with...
      Universal fitConverts harmful engine emissions to less dangerous gases and water vapor
    • Weapon-R® CEL Eliminator
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      # 290727
      Universal CEL Eliminator by Weapon-R®. CEL Light Eliminator gets rid of the Check Engine Light and will not effect the performance of your vehicle. We carefully test and research the correct amount air / fuel ratio which is needed...
    • Spectre Performance® Exhaust Header Reducer
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      # 12056627
      Universal Exhaust Header Reducer by Spectre Performance®. Rooted in racing, Spectre Performance designs and builds every product with the same goal in mind - the best performance in the market proven on the racetrack! All products...
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