1991 Honda Civic Light Covers

    • GTS® - Headlight Covers
      Honda Civic 1991, Headlight Covers by GTS®, 2 Pieces. Give the front of your car a smooth, sculpted, aerodynamic look with these stylish headlight covers. Constructed from tough, durable Composilite, they'll also protect your valuable headlights...
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    Customer Reviews
    2001 Honda Prelude
    Posted by

    "Excellent product... removable for easy change out. Great customer service with tracking to know where your product is and at received time... Differently the best online experience... if you're thinking about it, get it! You won't regret!"

    2002 Honda Accord
    Posted by

    "I was skeptical as to adhesion and look as far as these light tints, and was very pleased after the five minute installation, and awesome blacked out look it have to my car. 5 stars!"

    1999 Honda Accord
    Posted by

    "The light covers look extremely sick! Very blacked out, but the lights still penetrate through the covers. If you are interested in purchasing these for the 99 -2000 Honda Accords, the covers do protrude a little bit (they are a little more elevated than the light itself). My main concern is getting water underneath the covers but we will see when I decide to wash the car. The covers stuck on easy and have velcro lining to pull them off when ever you decide. In terms of mine though, I probably won't take them off :) Good product, decent material."

    1990 Honda Accord
    Posted by

    "The product covered both the headlight and the turn signal on the side of the front fender. A very good looking design. A great product to upgrade the look of your Honda."

    In 1991 Honda Civic was available in the following models:
    Base • CX • DX • EX • LX • RT 4WD