EXEDY® - Stage 3 Carbon with Solid Center Racing Clutch Kit

1990 Mazda Miata
EXEDY® - Stage 3 Carbon with Solid Center Racing Clutch KitEXEDY® - Stage 3 Carbon with Solid Center Racing Clutch KitEXEDY® - CatalogImportant! EXEDY® - Beware of imitationsEXEDY Authorized Dealer
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1990 Mazda Miata
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Mazda Miata 1990-1997, Stage 3 Carbon with Solid Center Racing Clutch Kit by EXEDY®. Single. Push Type. Low Inertia Spider Center. Disc Outer Diameter: 200mm. Major Diameter: 24.3mm. Spline Teeth: 22 Teeth. Wheel Torque Rating: 162 lbs/ft. Flywheel Torque Rating: 75 Lbs/ft. Clamp Load: 2113 Lbs. Clutch Torque: 405 Lbs. PP Assembly to Flywheel: 23 Lbs/ft. Product Weight: 36.9 Lbs. Carbon-R is the choice for all-out race cars, not driven on the street much, if at all. The direct connection between your right foot and the track will lower times, albeit at the expense of comfort and drivability.

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Forged Aluminum Cover

  • Average of 40% increase in clamp load over stock
  • Extra capacity handles street/race car power upgrades
  • Forged assembly is far stiffer than stamped-type
  • Incredible strength means no clamp-load deflection
  • Integrated turbine-like fins enhance airflow, keeping clutch assembly cooler and extending component life
  • Ductile iron pressure plate provides high strength, anti-burst protection in all temperature ranges
  • Forged Chromoly Flywheel
  • Combination of low weight and high heat capacity
  • Designed for Rally, Drag and hi-performance Street
  • Reduced weight and inertia means snappier throttle response and quicker shifting
  • Designed to increase airflow to help cooling
  • One-piece flywheel - starter teeth machined in place
  • Unlike aluminum flywheel, ring gear cannot separate
  • SFI approved for racing

Carbon-R Friction Disc

  • Developed for Formula 1 applications
  • Low-mass carbon fiber friction material
  • Solid center may transmit more noise and vibration
  • Patent Pending disc system
  • Race or extreme street applications
  • Less consistent engagement due to COF variance with temperature
  • COF improves as clutch warms up for better resistance to slippage

EXEDY’s forged aluminum pressure plate delivers a higher clamp load than the stock clutch without a significantly higher pedal effort, because the stiffer forged cover allows all of the pedal travel to be utilized to disengage the disc. A stamped steel plate is spongier, taking up some of the pedal travel as it flexes. The stiffer forged cover allows the use of a stiffer diaphragm spring, pivoted differently inside the cover for more mechanical advantage. The increased mechanical advantage lowers pedal pressure, while the lack of lost motion permits normal pedal travel. The bottom line: more torque-holding capacity and great feel at part-engagement. An additional feature of the pressure plate is a series of turbine-like, airflow-enhancing vanes that keep the clutch cooler under extreme operating conditions, which improves durability.

The heaviest components of the clutch system are the clutch cover, plates and flywheel. Low inertia discs allow the transmission to synchronize in a shorter interval of time, eliminating time loss during shift changing while also reducing stress on drivetrain components. The weight of a carbon clutch disc is one third that of a metallic disc.

For most streetable applications, the preferred clutch disc is the cerametallic style with a damper hub. This style of disc will have a consistent feel throughout the day, from the first cold start of the day to a launch from the Christmas Tree after a heat-inducing burnout. The damper hub will help with a smooth launch and improved gearchange feel, as well as eliminate gear rattle moderate speeds. Gear rattle is caused by variations in crankshaft rotational speed, as individual cylinders fire. That in turn makes the gear teeth bounce and rattle against each other as you head on down the road.

A more ambitiously-modified vehicle, used mostly for drag racing, autocrossing or rallying might benefit from the use of a Carbon-D friction disc, Faced with pure carbon-fiber, laid one strand at a time and baked at 3600° to cure, carbon fiber has an interesting characteristic: it’s coefficient of friction (COF) gets higher as it gets hotter. Unfortunately, it’s inconveniently low when at room temperatures, rising to the same COF range as cerametallic friction material when warmed properly. Used in a street vehicle, its inconsistent takeup may be annoying in a daily driver. Carbon fiber is very long-lived in heavy-duty use, however. Carbon-D friction discs have a spring-dampener hub for easy shifting and quiet gears. Carbon-D is equipped with a new dual stage damper, a low-load stage and rapid-acceleration stage, both of which are individually tuned for each car type.

For a dedicated race or track car, Carbon-R friction is preferred. The lack of a dampener hub may mean a fair amount of harshness, vibration and noise may intrude into the cabin or be felt in the gearshift or clutch pedal. The undampened hub, combined with the lighter weight of the whole assembly may make starting up difficult to do without some initial judder. The advantages in shifting speed and torque capacity are the payoff for this lack of refinement.

Due to the inherent properties of the carbon material, EXEDY suggests the proper way to bring the discs up to operating temperature. The correct method is three sequential five second “slips” of the clutch within 30 seconds at low RPM. This will heat the discs so they will hold the specified torque rating.

Brand: EXEDY       Part Number: ZH03SBMC       UPC: 651099080703 This part is compatible with 16 vehicle(s)
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EXEDY is a global leader in the clutch business, with hundreds of applications, many of them still bearing their original Daikin logo. Well-respected, and with a huge share of the OEM clutch industry, EXEDY has become a leader in the motorsports field, pioneering new technologies like puller clutch springs and carbon-fiber friction material. With roots going back to 1923, EXEDY manufactures globally, but has a major presence in the US, with several domestic facilities manufacturing clutch components for applications here and for export.

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