1989 Chevy Camaro Cooling Systems

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      Universal Adjustable Replacement Temperature Switch by Maradyne®. This switch operates an electric radiator fan depending on engine water temperature. The fan ON temperature is adjustable from 32°F to 240°F, and will go back off...
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      Universal Temperature Switch by Maradyne®. These temperature switches screw into the intake manifold or a fitting in the coolant hose. With 3/8” NPT threads, they are adaptable to virtually any water-cooled engine.
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      Universal Flex Plate to Crankshaft Bolts by Mr. Gasket®. Look to Mr. Gasket for the health of the cooling system on your custom, modified or race car. An overheated engine will produce less power, and will eventually fail if...
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      Universal Coolant Temperature Sensor (74765) by Accel®. No matter what vehicle you own, its ignition system is what helps to achieve the mileage and power you bought it for. Quality ignition system components are a sure way to let...
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      Chevy Camaro 1989, Computer Chip by JET®. Legal for Sale in 50 State. JET Performance Products manufactures modules, chips and programmers that maximize horsepower and torque throughout a vehicle whole power band, not just when...
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      Chevy Camaro 1989, Water Pump by Professional Products®. Powerflow™ Water Pump; Chevy Small Block; Short Style.
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