Omix-Ada® 17601.05 - Catalytic Converter Kit, with Hardware, Front

1987 Jeep Wrangler
Omix-Ada® - Catalytic Converter Kit, with Hardware, FrontOmix-Ada® - Catalytic Converter Kit, with Hardware, FrontOmix-Ada® - Promo Video 602x420Omix-Ada Authorized DealerOmix-Ada Special OffersOmix-Ada Special Offers
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Jeep Wrangler 4.2L 1987, Catalytic Converter Kit, with Hardware, Front (17601.05) by Omix-Ada®. The catalytic converter converts harmful gases like Carbon Monoxide (CO) and unburned Hydrocarbons (HC) into less harmful gases like water vapor and Carbon Dioxide (CO2). The converter on your Jeep may need replacement if it's plugged, contaminated, rusted out, or physically damaged, or if the vehicle fails an emissions inspection. Omix-Ada has the replacement catalytic converter that will restore your Jeep's performance and emissions compliance.

Fitment Notes: Requires Seperate Air Tube Conversion Kit No. 17603.04

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  • Reduces harmful emissions
  • Restores performance
  • Meets or exceeds OEM quality standards
  • OEM quality at an affordable price
  • Identical to original equipment, for perfect fit and function

All catalytic converters consist of a ceramic and/or metal honeycomb substrate encased in a cylindrical stainless steel enclosure. The actual catalysts from which the component gets its name are precious metals like rhodium, platinum and palladium, which are applied to the surface of the substrate. A catalyst is a substance that causes a chemical reaction without itself being a part of the reaction. The substrate is so shaped so the exhaust gas, as it passes through the converter, can be exposed to as much catalyst as possible.

There are 2-way converters, 3-way converters and 3-way converters with an air tube. A 2-way catalyst, also known as an oxidation catalyst, converts CO to CO2, and HC to CO2 and water. These converters were used on older vehicles. A 3-way converter does the same thing but also reduces oxides of nitrogen (NOx) to nitrogen and oxygen, which is why this type of converter is called an oxidation/reduction catalyst. 3-way converters with an air tube are connected to the engine's air injection system, which supplies additional oxygen on some vehicles to facilitate the chemical reaction.

The catalytic converter can become plugged if it overheats and the honeycomb substrate melts, restricting exhaust flow. This can be caused by a rich running engine. The substrate can also become loose from the case and disintegrate, which is indicated by a rattling sound when the converter is tapped with a rubber mallet. In its location under the vehicle, the converter is also subject to physical damage caused by debris on the roadway or obstacles encountered when off-roading. All of these conditions, as well as failing an emissions test, are cause for catalytic converter replacement.

A properly functioning catalytic converter is critical to good engine performance and clean air. We can supply you with the replacement converter that's specifically made for your Jeep from the Jeep experts at Omix-Ada. It will restore exhaust flow and lost performance and enable your Jeep to be emissions legal.

Brand: Omix-Ada       Part Number: 17601.05       UPC: 804314123444 This part is compatible with 4 vehicle(s)
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