1983 Mazda 626 Brake Pads

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    • Centric® C-Tek™ Metallic Front Brake Pads
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      # 20650070
      Mazda 626 1983, C-Tek™ Metallic Front Brake Pads by Centric®. Designed to provide consistent braking power without brake squealing, groaning, and vibration, these brake pads also produce minimal dust and prolong rotor life. 100%...
      100% asbestos- and copper-free formulasSemi-metallic compounds for excellent braking performance
    • Wagner® QuickStop™ Semi-Metallic Front Brake Pads
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      # 18760963
      Mazda 626 1983, QuickStop™ Semi-Metallic Front Brake Pads by Wagner®. Dependable stopping power is what you can expect with these QuickStop Brake Pads offered by one of the leading OE & Aftermarket friction manufacturers. These...
      OE-matched friction formulations and configurations for reliable, like-new braking performance and maximum durabilityDesigned, tested and certified in the USA by Wagner’s OE Engineers
    • Monroe® Dynamics™ Front Brake Pads
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      # 17754689
      Mazda 626 1983, Dynamics™ Front Brake Pads by Monroe®. Dynamics Brake Pads utilize Positive Molding Technology. This unique performance-enhancing feature provides denser friction consistency for better stopping performance and...
      Offers dependable stopping performance for today's import and domestic passenger cars and light trucksFeatures semi-metallic pad and positive molding technology which delivers OE quality
    • Bosch® QuietCast™ Premium Organic Front Brake Pads
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      # 24217458
      Mazda 626 1983, QuietCast™ Premium Organic Front Brake Pads by Bosch®. Material Organic. If you're looking for responsive braking performance and noise-free operation, these brake pads are definitely a great option. Featuring...
      Highly engineered and tested friction material (platform-specific ceramic/semi-metallic/NAO) provides superior performanceDirect fit
    • PBR® Deluxe Brake Pad Set
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      # 8622706
      Mazda 626 1983, Deluxe Brake Pad Set by PBR®. Without Shims. Position: Front. Are your brakes making noise? Is your vehicle’s stopping power not what it used to be? Brake repairs are not something that can be put off, but before...
      OE quality parts from top original equipment and aftermarket manufacturersFast shipping; 1-2 day delivery time regardless of where you’re located
    • Centric® Front Disc Brake Hardware
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      # 20314197
      Mazda 626 1983, Front Disc Brake Hardware by Centric®. Designed for your specific application, this kit gives you all the parts needed for a disc brake service, except for brake pads and rotors. All items are manufactured under OE...
      Built to precise specifications in form, fit, and functionEliminates brake noise
    • Dorman® Front Disc Brake Hardware Kit
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      # 45745380
      Mazda 626 1983, Front Disc Brake Hardware Kit by Dorman®. Dorman’s Disc Brake Hardware Kit is constructed from high-quality materials for a prolonged service life. Replacement restores the disc brakes to proper operation, helping...
      Corrosion-resistant for long-lasting durability against harsh road and weather conditionsReplacement prevents uneven braking and brake squeal
    • Chrome Brakes® Ceramix Front Brake Pads
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      # 10712196
      Mazda 626 1983, Ceramix Front Brake Pads by Chrome Brakes®. These replacement brake pads are designed for aggressive street driving, and feature a composite blend of ceramic and metallic materials to achieve the lower dust and...
      Composite blend of ceramic and metallic material matches the low dust and long life of a ceramic brake pad while providing the superior biting grip equivalent to metallic compound padsDisc brake pads are sold in front and rear sets
    • Wagner® ThermoQuiet™ Semi-Metallic Front Brake Pads
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      # 18761821
      Mazda 626 1983, ThermoQuiet™ Semi-Metallic Front Brake Pads by Wagner®. FMSI: 7169A-D317. Includes wear sensors. Quieter braking, superior stopping power under any conditions, and long pad life – that's what you get with these...
      Proprietary friction formulations provide quiet operation, unmatched braking performance, and less dustThermal-sensitive friction adjusts to a broad range of temperatures for dependable braking performance in varying conditions
    • Carlson® Front Disc Brake Hardware Kit
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      # 22735990
      Mazda 626 1983, Front Disc Brake Hardware Kit by Carlson®. Kit Includes: Bushing - Caliper Suspension - 2, Bushing Rubber - 4, Plate Pad Support - 4. When you are installing disc brake pads, install new hardware to ensure quiet,...
      OE quality at an affordable priceOE fit and function

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