1981 Buick Le Sabre Performance Suspension

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      Universal 12 Volt Air Compressors by Air Lift®. Air Lift offers 2-stage, 12-volt air compressors for all needs and budgets. Choose smaller ones for basic load leveling needs, or choose a set of two paired compressors to fill large...
      Dual Viair 450C, 400C, 380C, and 480C kits come with an air line extension and separate brackets for remote mountingAll compressors operate on standard 12-volt automotive electrical systems
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      Universal Air Management Systems by Air Lift®. Air Lift offers a wide variety of complete kits with everything needed to set up an air suspension system. Springs are not included, however these systems will work with your choice of...
      Kits contain air compressor(s), reserve tank, gauges, control switches, and all related hardware and air lines needed for installationAir springs are not included in Air Management System kits
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      Universal Air Tanks by Air Lift®. Enhance the inflation speed and performance of your air springs with a reserve of air compressed to 150 psi stored in any of Air Lift’s reinforced steel Air Tanks. Available in sizes from 2...
      Crafted from high-strength, reinforced traditional steelEnsure a reserve of compressed air for springs to inflate instantly, at a faster rate
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      Lubricant by Daystar®. While competitors offer analog quality lubricant, Daystar brings lubricating grease into the digital age with synthetic lubricant made from silicone and Teflon. Lubrathane is purpose built to provide the best...
      3-ounce replacement tube for Daystar Poly Lube Grease GunSynthetic blend of silicone and Teflon leaves thin film of lubrication on all bushing areas rather than running off surfaces like natural lubricant does
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      Formula 5 Prelube by Energy Suspension®. Prelube lubricant is designed to be applied once to Energy Suspension bushings, mounts, and grommets before installation on your vehicle. Once applied, the prelube forms a tough, durable,...
      Forms a tough, durable, chemical resistant film that will properly lubricate bushings and metal components for a lifetime of useDesigned to be applied once to Energy Suspension bushings, mounts, and grommets before installation on your vehicle
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