Goodmark® GMK403595578L - Rear Driver Side Wheel Opening Molding

1978 Chevy Malibu
Goodmark® - Rear Driver Side Wheel Opening MoldingGoodmark® - Rear Driver Side Wheel Opening MoldingGoodmark® - Restore Your Ride, Restore Your PassionGoodmark Authorized Dealer
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Chevy Malibu Sedan 1978-1983, Rear Driver Side Wheel Opening Molding (GMK403595578L) by Goodmark®. This is an aftermarket part that replaces factory OE #840314023711. The fenders on your classic car were under assault from the day it rolled off the assembly line. All those years and miles rolling down the road subjected them to stone chips and dings, minor fender benders, and of course rust from all the dirt, rain, debris and road salt thrown up by the front tires. Eventually those once beautiful fenders end up dented, chipped or full of holes. Restore your classic to its former glory with quality replacement fenders from Goodmark.

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  • Faithful reproduction of the original part
  • Highest quality sheet metal parts available
  • Designed with the latest software and manufactured using modern tooling
  • The same dimensions as the original factory replacement part
  • The same gauge sheet metal as original equipment
  • The largest supplier of sheet metal parts in the GM Restoration Parts Program

The fenders on a car or truck are more vulnerable to damage than most other body panels. Positioned at the leading edge of the vehicle, they’re continually impacted by gravel, stones and other road debris as the vehicle travels down the road and dinged by shopping carts and car doors when the vehicle is parked.

But most fender damage is caused by the rust bug on classic and muscle cars from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Rust prevention techniques were crude or non-existent when these cars were made, and it wasn’t uncommon for rust to start showing on the lower part of the fender behind the wheel well in only a few years, particularly in places where the roads were regularly salted in winter. There’s also a good chance that your classic or muscle car was involved in a minor collision long before you owned it. So even if a fender looks good, who knows what’s lurking under that paint? That rust or collision damage could have been incorrectly repaired with excess body filler.

Because these types of damage are so common, you’re wasting your time if you’re trying to find used panels in good condition. If you’re doing a restoration and want it to be right, you need quality replacement fenders made by the restoration experts at Goodmark. Restoring cars isn’t just a business for the people at Goodmark, they’re also car enthusiasts and restorers just like you, and they wouldn’t make anything they wouldn’t install on their own cars or trucks. Each fender is CAD/CAM designed to make sure it exactly replicates the original panel, then it’s manufactured with the most modern tooling. Each design is test fit to make sure it looks and fits perfectly. Many Goodmark parts have been approved by the manufacturers of the original equipment and are licensed to be sold as genuine replacement parts.

All Goodmark Fenders include the inner bracing and are complete bolt-on assemblies, not just the outer skin. Holes have to be punched for emblems, molding or trim not used on all models, but some fenders come with an emblem template to help you drill the holes properly. If you choose to just fix the damaged area, Goodmark also offers fender patch panels to repair the lower rear part of the front fender, between the fender and the door.

When you disassemble your car you’ll most likely find damage to panels related to the fenders, like the inner fender panels. Years of rocks, water, snow, ice, salt, sand and gravel thrown up by the tires, as well as spilled battery acid and holes drilled for accessories by former owners usually leave the inner fenders in bad shape. These panels are visible any time you pop the hood, and they’re vital for proper fitting front sheet metal, so they should be replaced with quality Goodmark panels when the outer fenders are replaced.

Along with the inner and outer fender panels, Goodmark can supply you with everything else needed to perfectly restore this area of your car: parts like brackets, braces, splash shields, ornaments and emblems, along with the hardware needed to bolt it all together. Each component is made with the attention to detail and originality you’d expect from restoration specialists, because Goodmark knows that carefulness here can be the difference between a trophy winner and an also ran.

Brand: Goodmark       Part Number: GMK403595578L       UPC: 840314023711       OE Part Number: 840314023711 This part is compatible with 11 vehicle(s)
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Goodmark® was founded in 1991 by car enthusiasts, restorers and collectors just like you. They recognized that there was a need for quality restoration parts, especially sheet metal parts, if the restoration of our beloved American classics was to continue. Since that time, Goodmark has created a complete line of sheet metal, trim parts, and accessories for popular cars like the Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang, and for previously difficult to restore cars like the Dodge Challenger and Plymouth Barracuda. Goodmark uses CAD/CAM (computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing) software and modern tooling and manufacturing techniques to create parts that are identical to factory original for perfect fit and finish. Quality parts tooled and manufactured by Goodmark are enabling many more American classic and muscle cars to return to the road, looking just as fine as the day they rolled off the assembly line.

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