1976 Chevy Impala Custom Grilles

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      Chevy Impala 1976, 3-Pc Chrome Luxury Mesh Grille Kit by Tiarra®. This beautiful Tiarra grille kit includes: Main upper grille and 2 lower bumper grilles. All triple-chrome plated with signature Dual-weave mesh. Tiarra is a variant...
      Completely replaces your factory grille on most applicationsMade from T304 Stainless Steel
      # 345746
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    The grille on your car or truck is its most distinctive feature, and the first thing people notice when you’re coming down the road. In fact, the grille on some vehicles is so recognizable that most car buffs can tell the make and model with just a glance. Words like like billet, mesh, punch and CNC may confuse you while choosing a grille. Read on to navigate...
    Say that you want a black grille. What is right for you? The advice is to go for grille surfaces in durable materials and to stay away from finishes that are overly sensitive to chemicals that are common in the automotive world. ABS plastic, chrome and stainless steel – polished or chromed, are always safe bets. If you choose a painted grille, make sure that the...
    If you’re shopping for a different grille for your car or truck, you’ve probably come across terms like “replacement”, “insert”, and “overlay”, and wondered what they mean. As the name implies, an overlay grille installs over your existing grille. The insert grille replaces the main part of your existing grille, it “inserts” into the grille...
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    1976 Chevy Impala Custom Grilles Reviews
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    2009 Chevy Impala
    | Posted by | (Warren, OH)

    I have a 2009 (Victory Red) Chevy Impala SS. The only trouble I really had was with the upper billet grille. When you insert the upper billet grille over the original upper grille, It didn't fit like I thought it would fit. The original gold plastic (bow tie) self adhesive Chevy emblem and the little plate the emblem sits on have to come off in order to make the billet grille fit in the original grille. What I done was, very carefully, remove the (upper) original grille off the car. Be careful not to break the tabs off, for that is what holds the grille in place on the car. When you take the original grille off, turn it over (on the back side) and cut out the entire Chevy bow tie piece off with an utility knife. This part is molded with the grille. Cut the bow tie down right to the flat part of the grille, but be careful not to cut into the grille. When you start cutting the bow tie off from underneath the grille, you'll see the actual lines where the bow tie is molded on the flat part of the grille. Simply, just cut out the lines of the bow tie area flesh with the grille. Once you cut this part out of the grille, turn it back over (front side) and insert the Old self adhesive plastic gold bow tie emblem over the hole (front side, and it should fit Flat on the grille), without going all the way through the grille, and since my grille is already black from the factory, I used black silicone to hold my original bow tie emblem in place. Just use the black silicone around the gaps of the bow tie and the grille, and it looks just like original! The next day, after the silicone has cured, and since I have a 2009 Impala SS, I wanted to be different from all who have a Impala SS, I sanded the gold plastic bow tie and painted it flat black to match the original grille. It looks absolutely perfect and just like original equipment. Just that now, the bow tie fits Flat against the original grille, where now, I can insert my billet grille right over the original grille, and now it fits absolutely Perfect, just like original equipment. Now, my car has a totally different look than anybody who has an Impala SS. Thank you so much for this great product, and looking forward getting my MGP-Red Caliper Covers. Special thanks to Matt and Gregory for their great services and explaining things very thoroughly.

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